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Snaptures Changes!

Since January, I haven’t been able to blog for any of you. My website seemed to die overnight and I was left to pick up the pieces. After many months of trying to repair it on my own-unsuccesfully, then moving into the realm of hiring someone to build my site, and then many more months of manually importing all of my old posts…I now have a functioning website.

During the interim, I didn’t forget my passion and continued prepping for the day that I would blog again.


Camera by my side, I kept shooting, waiting for the day to be near you once more in cyberspace.


So, here’s a little of what happened while we’ve been apart:

I have been photographing couples, families, babies…and of course, this cute dude with his guitar.


I’ve been busy writing my column, “Together in Tulsa” which is featured online and in print with This Land Press. I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful couples, learn their stories through interviewing them, and of course photograph each one.


Of course, with two new kitties in the house, I’ve been busy photographing their antics. They are “heck on wheels” according to several sources. However, I think they are cute as all get out. Even when they give me a “drive-by-catting”-for no reason.


Lastly, I’ve been using different filters, effects and processes. Biceps is usually my guinea pig.


I will be covering several tutorials, sharing my latest portraits and links to my writing and published photographs. I can’t wait to see what creative shots you have come up with since I’ve been gone!

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My very technical aspect of prepping for a Photo Shoot

Biceps is very useful.
He can open jars.
He carries heavy things.
He eats my leftovers.
He intimidates bad people.

And he stands in for me when I am prepping for a photo shoot.
Although, he gives me lots of sass while he is helping me.

Underneath this seemingly quite demeanor, an insubordinate man lives.
I had to request a little less spice in my monitor. (Spinal Tap reference.)

Even amidst his disruptive behavior, Biceps was able to help me prepare for this photo shoot which ran with my article in This Land Press.
I guess I need to add ‘Standing In’ to Bicep’s list of helpful attributes. But, I should make a notation of possible sass overload while he is doing so-just to be prepared.

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The Love Story of Duane and Mary

If you don’t already know, I write a column called ‘Together in Tulsa’ for the regional paper, ‘This Land Press’.

My column features unique couples from around Oklahoma. And because I am so weird, the photos I take of each couple typically end up a little bizarre-or ‘different’-as my dad would say.


This sweet couple, with a May/December romance, shared with me their touching story of how it all came to be.
They both were great sports about the photo shoot concept I presented to them. They obviously don’t take themselves or life to seriously.

Go here to read the article, if you so desire. And I hope you do…

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