Baby & Nursery Preparedness on a Budget

Apparently, there is a lot to do to prepare for the birth of your first. Little did I know the path we were on when we first found out we were with child.

Here are a few things I never saw coming and to be honest, slightly blindsided me:


Stretchy Pants

1. I would have to buy stretchy pants-like really insane, elastic stretchy pants.
2. I would be using cocoa butter religiously (and the smell always makes me want cookies) on my ever increasing belly.
3. People would touch my stomach. These are people I don’t know and people I do know and people I wish I didn’t know.
4. I would develop a strange brown “racing stripe” down the center of my stomach.
5. I would actually find baby clothes with tiny animals on them-cute.

However, these are minor things to adjust to compared to preparing a nursery for this tiny lad/lass. I’ve always thought, “Give the kid a dresser drawer to sleep in, some milk to drink and a clean diaper. Call it done.”



Animal Heads-Paper Mache
…then I start to imagine what kind of a sweet setup I could give to the wee little one, without spending all of their college tuition on a silly room they’ll never remember. (HAH! Like we’re paying for your college! Get a job! Cut your hair!).

With my imaginings, I lay awake at night and plot my grandiose nursery plan. The next morning, I start creating things out of almost nothings. Here’s the beginning of the wall decor for the nursery. I will share a tutorial on this as soon as it’s finished and I make sure the project is actually doable.


Felt-Mobile, Nursery
The mobile to hang over the crib came after much deliberation between Biceps and I. We settled on a concept-with which I will share soon. All I needed was some stuffing, some felt, some more paper mache know-how, and a few coat hangers.

PS-Is that felt? Well, it is now!


Curtains-Nursery Decor
Something you must know about me-I hate curtains. Number one: the cats love to destroy them. Number two: they are stinking expensive. Number three: there are never any store-bought curtains that Biceps and I can agree on.

However, when the dollar spent is low enough, Biceps will like almost anything. Enter cheap, heavy duty drop cloths and a little Rebekah-whimsy. This too will be a tutorial I will share-as soon as it’s done. Patience, grasshopper.


Potholes and Pantyhose
And lastly, I must introduce some sort of wooden feature into this baby’s room. Why? Because it brings warmth, it reminds one of nature and of God’s creation…and it’s also inexpensive.

So, maybe this kid will get more than a dresser drawer to sleep in-but they aren’t going to be spoiled, that’s for sure. We all have to make sacrifices, kiddo. And, if I have to wear stretchy pants that sag down to my knees by the end of the day, you can pretend to like your room. Deal?

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4 Responses to "Baby & Nursery Preparedness on a Budget"

  1. Linda says:

    I’m so excited for you…prayers do come true!!! Can’t wait to see all of your goodies for the wee one…

  2. Anastasiya Didok says:

    We JUST went through that! The best stretchmark cream is Basq by the way. But I’m assuming you’ll be making your own. I love your recipes for EVERYTHING home made — actually found your blog while pregnant and searching for eco-friendly substitutes for cleaners. Do find a good baby consignment/trade-in stores in your area. Unfortunately I discovered them AFTER we had the kid. I have some baby posts on my blog if you are interested in checklists and cloth diapering. (I was obsessed with reading those when I was expecting). What an exciting time!!!!! Congratulations and blessings!!!!

  3. The Better Baker says:

    AHA! The time is getting closer and closer. I find your wall decor very interesting and am anxious to see the end result! It’s truly amazing how the little things in life make big changes in ours. You’ll be great parents. I have purchase nearly all my curtains in the house at the Dollar Store…just keep looking. You may find something you like there. =) Best wishes as you prepare for your heavenly bundle.

  4. Potholes & Pantyhose | Introducing “Baby G.”-our sweet little Birdie Rose says:

    […] the work, planning, waiting, plotting and prayer was worth the wait. On April 27th, at 12:02am, our lives forever […]


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