The 2013 Christmas Card Reveal

While the majority of humans ramp up for their annual family Christmas photo with matching wardrobes (including coordinating hats and gloves), perfectly manicured outdoor scenes complete with snow, and fussy–but bribed children…Biceps and I decidedly go a little different route. (Go here to see the last 12 years of our Christmas Card Photo weirdness. You know you want to.) 

Typically, our Christmas card photo preparation begins at a thrift store buying things I’m embarrassed to purchase. I then move on to my bag of props and costumes found on the floor of my guest bedroom closet. Lots of laughing is involved. And lastly, I’m usually at Lowe’s or Home Depot loading up stacks of lumber, paint cans or pieces of sheetrock–for those final touches.

I’ve never looked pretty in these photos. I’ve never thought, “Wow, Crossfit really pays off” as I edit, print and crop the final Christmas photo choice.

Instead, Biceps and I could be overheard saying such things as, “Yeah, you look really terrible in this one. That’s the one!”, or “Oh, your face looks super creepy in that one. Perfect!”. We enjoy the hideousness that we can conjure up in one single photo.

So, without further delay….here is our 2013 Christmas Card Photo Reveal!


2013-Xmas Final Photo-Cropped
A few fun facts about this photo:
1. Yes, that is an Atari system. But it’s a brand new “wireless” one that we taped mic cords onto to make it look vintage.
2. I am wearing a “retainer” made from a paperclip.
3. The Jesus paint-by-numbers was done by Grandma Greiman and hangs in our guest bedroom.
4. The books behind my head are the complete set of “Anne of Green Gables”.
5. I do own the rainbow belt and wear it often.
6. The squirrel and slinky deer are ours and they do decorate our house presently.
7. The paneling is not. It was a Lowe’s purchase, propped against our breakfast nook wall.
8. My baby bump is showing and there was nothing I could do about it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed yet another year of weirdness. And, if you feel like you’ve been missing out on the other Christmas weirdness-which you most certainly have-check out the rest of our Christmas Card Photos. Enjoy.

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  1. Tara says:

    Always love seeing your cards. So awesome. Congrats on the baby bump. Can’t wait to see how next years Christmas card will turn out with the new addition. xoxo Tara


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