Two Parents, a Dog and a lot of PDA

My parents are visiting for the week! I love having them around. There’s something amazing about being totally accepted for your weirdness and finding the source to blame simultaneously. This is what they usually look like to me.


Mom tends to wear smaller sleeves, though.

I watched these two and their disgusting PDA all growing up. It was gross, then. But, I’m so very thankful for it now. They are one of the reasons that I’ll continue to smack Biceps on the backside every chance I get until I’m put in the grave.


I had an idyllic childhood-not perfect by no means-but pretty awesome. I wasn’t allowed to do everything I wanted to do, my parents weren’t my best friends-they were my parents, and I had to work for any luxury I wanted to own.
I have been spanked, banned from tv, written several thousand inches out of the dictionary to counterbalance my “misuse of words” (thanks for expanding my vocabulary, guys!), told mom I hated her-once (this did not go well), came home late from curfew, dated boys with mohawks..

But, I always knew that I was protected and loved. Even when I tossed my hair at them and said very sassy things. They loved me, no matter what.


Now that we’re all supposedly adults (I revert from time to time), we get to do this when they come to visit. Yes, we all wear really cool vintage outfits and drink beer.

Our relationship has changed from them being my parents into them being my best friends. I think that’s a good sign of parenting.

Now, it’s just good times, tons of food, and lots of fun. And the occasional beer.

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2 Responses to "Two Parents, a Dog and a lot of PDA"

  1. The Better Baker says:

    AWWW – what a darling post! Sounds like you had an awesome childhood…my parents were always very lovey dovey too. Our kids appreciate that hubs and I are also. You keep right on smackin’ Biceps ;-}…sweet blessings and warmest wishes for a fun time together making memories. Thanks for sharing and bringing a tear to my eye. *i* There’s nothing better than knowing you are loved unconditionally. I was very blessed in that way also.


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