A Tattered Bible, A Healthy Soul

My BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader often said that “a woman whose Bible is falling apart, isn’t.”

I loved this thought, mainly because my Bible is in shambles and I can’t bear to get a new one.


I mean look at it. I am kind of embarrassed when I tote this around and see fancy new Bibles with tabs, maps and concordances.


My parents bought this for me in 1995 right before I left for college. I was going through a huge emerald green phase due to the fact that it was my birthstone, and I had only recently discovered this fact. I asked for all things green that year for my birthday.


It has seen two colleges, four changed majors, one graduation, a first apartment, one broken engagement, two European trips, one marriage that is still going, three cats and 17 years.


How do you get rid of something like that?


Before too long, every word in this book will be underlined, highlighted and starred. Eventually, I may have to recover it.

As this book starts to look worn out, it’s owner becomes more and more full of life. This woman, whose Bible is falling apart, isn’t. Amen to that.

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2 Responses to "A Tattered Bible, A Healthy Soul"

  1. mom says:

    Bring it to me and I can make it beautiful again! Even in emerald green.


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