“Crafting with Cat Hair”-Weirdest Present Ever

You all know that I’m weird. That’s no surprise. But, did you know that my weirdness attracts more weirdness?


I have this lovely friend Jennifer–pictured here on the left (which you can read all about her in my article: Together in Tulsa in This Land Press) that gave me the weirdest present ever. And for an unseen bonus-it was wrapped in Christmas paper, but yet given to me in April.


Now, you may say, “Weirdest present ever? Come on, Rebekah. Surely being a part of your family, you’ve received weirder.”

You have a good point. And it’s obvious you don’t believe me. Let me prove it.


Weirdest Present Ever

Yep, a book called “Crafting with Cat Hair”.


Jennifer claimed that she “saw the book and thought of me”.

Funny, Jennifer-real funny.

Now, I may be fully into my cats, but am I a crazy cat lady? I think that I have proven that I am not.


The concept behind the book is recycling your pet’s hair and turning it into crafty “everyday” items. Like picture framed images made from cat hair of your cat.

That’s pretty “everyday”, don’t you think?


Maybe something a little more “everyday” are felt book covers, embellished with cat images made from you cat’s hair. I wouldn’t give it a second thought to pull this out at my local coffee shop.


The book also teaches you how to make fun toys for your cat from their own hair. Hm…

Not weird at all.


It offers patterns, step-by-step guides and instructions, as well as…


…how to harvest your cat’s hair and store it properly until you are ready to craft with it.


I suppose if the kittens in your house are just going to upchuck it anyways, you might as well get green and recycle that cat hair. I mean, what could be wrong about that?

Absolutely nothing.

By the way, Jennifer-you are in big trouble. And paybacks are…well, you know what they are….

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5 Responses to "“Crafting with Cat Hair”-Weirdest Present Ever"

  1. Donatella Mestriner says:

    Funny! I was grooming my dogs today, and I decided I’ll make yarn with their hair. I found on amazon a book : knitting With dog hair: better a sweater with a dog you know and love, than a sheep you’ll never meet. … They have a point!!!

    • Rebekah says:

      You are awesome! I would love to see your dog sweater, if you decide to take the plunge!

  2. Ivy says:

    I gotta tell ya…this creeps me out a bit. Like heebie jeebies creeped out…
    At the same time, I’m kind of fascinated by it.
    I don’t know. I’m full of contradictory emotions here. I’m going to go marinate on them for a bit.
    As always, I love your thoughts. 🙂

  3. Lori Kauffman says:

    Found you from AllFreeSewing. Awesome info, and perfect reading on this rainy day, fire in the wood stove, listening to mellow music. Anyway, I read that you were looking for a money making venture, and then found this post. You seem to be all sorts of crafty, could you do personalized cat (and dog?) fur projects for people? It seems that there are all sorts of people willing to buy things enormously expensive for their “fur babies”, so why not using their actual fur?? Just a thought.
    Great site! Thanks for all the fun info. Good luck in your ventures, whatever you decide to do.
    ps, I don’t think this is creepy at all. Kinda sweet, actually. But then I’ve been accused of being just a little off more than once or twice.


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