Defeated, Pampered and Waving the White Flag

I hate being sick-show me someone who likes it and I’ll show you a first grader trying to get out of a spelling bee. And I hate taking medicine. Taking medication is almost like admitting defeat to me-plus, it usually leaves me very wigged out-tired, dizzy and nauseous.

So, I do everything that I can naturally before I start to pop those pills–hot baths, eating foods like blueberries and oranges, steam inhalation, chiropractic adjustments and prayer (usually with a lot of begging involved).


But, when the coughing, hacking, mucus, and muscle aches get to be too much for me to just “tough it out”, I wave the white flag and call my doctor. His first question is usually, “WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME SOONER?!”, and I make up some lame excuse that we both know he’s not buying.


Due to some unknown infectious carrier that contaminated my otherwise holy immune system, these four items have been my BFF’s for the last week. (Well, these, my bed, hulu and my favorite yellow Ponca City t-shirt.)


The one upside to being sick is the amazing amount of clout that I have to eat my favorite snacky foods. Biceps runs to the store at the drop of a hat, so carefully I make my requests known all at once.


This is one of my favorites when my throat is scratchy and stomach is upset. My mother instilled in me that this was a miracle food (it’s not) and that it’s good for me (it’s not). But, it does make me feel better…


Oh, dear. These salty, cheesy, little whales are heaven. Add a glass of red wine and you have a classy evening ahead of you.


When my stomach is really upset, this is all that I can stand to eat…simple and good.


This is a new treat for me. I could only eat half of the can-meaning Biceps reaped all the leftover rewards. He is one lucky man.


And finally-my “vegetables”. So dang good.

I am on the upswing of whatever it was that I had, and I lovingly shared this infectious nastiness with Biceps. He is in the final days of recovery himself. The weird thing is, he never needs any “treats”. He wants to eat oatmeal, oranges and drink healthy smoothies. Doesn’t he realize this is his one chance to get out of the guilt associated with aforementioned treats? Geesh. Men….

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6 Responses to "Defeated, Pampered and Waving the White Flag"

  1. Sherry says:

    So sorry you are not feeling well! Take care and get better soon. xo, Sherry

  2. Gwen says:

    Sorry you’re sick! Tis the season I guess… I’m the SAME way…all healthy eating is OFF…at least yours is remotely healthy…no Pop Tarts or Cinnamon Rolls up there…

    But I do love those Sweet Potato Chips…you can keep the beets. How bout the Taro? MMMMMM….

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks, Gwen! I’m getting better every day, thanks to modern medicine….And what are these Taro you speak of?

  3. mom says:

    We all know that orange sherbert is the nectar of the sick and down and out. Works every time.

  4. Angela says:

    Sounds like I am recouping from same issue. I went to bed Saturday afternoon and did not get up til Monday, went to Dr where he said, sorry, its a virus, you’ll just have to deal. I went back to be till Wednesday. Called Dr, he then called me in a zpac. Today, I am vertical and that is about it. Sorry you were sick, hope you are better now which will give me hope that it is not a long lingering pest.


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