Fall time in Europe

Awhile back, Biceps and I saved our pennies and vacationed in Europe for an entire month. This morning, as I sat in my housecoat with coffee in hand, a slight rain drizzled outside. While the water splashed on my windows, I was reminded of the mornings in Europe we huddled together waiting for our train, usually snacking on some sort of pastry and wishing we had packed warmer clothes.
We wouldn’t trade those moments for the world.

This tiny little town of Hallstatt, Austria is less than 1,000 people and only accessible by boat. We flitted about in the off-season, unencumbered by the usual tourists-drinking coffee and hiking its mountains. It was quiet, to say the least-except for the occasional cow bell.


The path to Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss) is lined with ever changing colors-which can be seen in great depth-if one is too cheap to pay for transportation up the mountain and decides to walk the 5 million miles on foot, uphill….


Simple. Beautiful. Fun to climb for the first 20 minutes, then prodded on with the promise of coffee for finishing the hike by a certain someone with a name that rhymes with Ticeps.


I wanted to rent a house and live here forever. But then I realized I wouldn’t be able to see my parent’s or Biceps parent’s or my brothers or my cats…..needless to say, no house was rented.
We were thankful to see Europe in the fall, the colors were vibrant, the tourists were sparse and the weather just cool enough to warrant a jacket a handful of coffee.
I would love to go back soon. I hope Biceps is reading this. Hint, hint…..

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4 Responses to "Fall time in Europe"

  1. Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki says:

    Beautiful!! The other day, my husband and I were talking about spending a few weeks in Europe with our kids after he retires from the Navy. Hopefully that dream becomes a reality! Fall sounds like the perfect time to go!

  2. Janice says:

    Your photos are stunning! Looking forward to exploring your blog!

  3. Dee says:

    I also LOVED Austria! I was there for at least 2 months and barely remember it b/c I was day-dreaming of my hubby most of the time wishing he was there with me instead of my parents though I loved them so much!! All I brought home was a lot of beautiful jewelry!! We were only married six months when he got sent to Nam, though! 🙁 I wish we both could go there now but flying that far now is out for me with my lungs like they are and needing a transplant on one so I honestly can’t say I got to enjoy it as much as you did!! These pictures look very familiar, though and wow I do wish we could make a trip over there even though we’re not young any longer but we are still very much in love! <3<3 It still would be wonderful but my health won't allow that (no way) so thank you for the fabulous pictures and it makes me dream about wanting to go and how I dreamed while I was there that hubby could have been there but it never kept me from worrying that he'd come home alive but a great distraction tactic on my mother's part! I will have to say that much and for all the great things she did to try to keep my mind off the horrible war my hubby was in! Thankfully, he was smart enough that they put him in the payroll division and not on the front lines-but he still had to always carry a rifle and many got killed in his company which was stationed in Ben Hoa just out of Saigon (sp?…wow-I've already forgotten-already? Wow that was light years ago).

    These pics are gorgeous and do evoke great and sad memories-both!!

  4. Gay says:

    I have made that climb, so I salute you! I was living in Germany at the time (and was blessed to stay for 4 years). You know, if you really think you might want to live there, it doesn’t have to be forever!


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