Using Reflectors with Portraits

My poor Biceps.
He is my guinea pig of choice when it comes to trying out new techniques in photography. I don’t think he really minds, though. In reality, he can be quite the camera hog….but that’s another story for another day.

Using different reflectors (gold, silver and white) along with the sun’s natural light, here is a look at what you can do with your portraits.


Shot with my Nikon at 1/180, F stop 6.7
I sat on the ground with a white reflector propped up on my knees. You can see the light bouncing in his pupils if you look carefully enough.


Shot with my Nikon at 1/200, F stop 8
Same positioning, but using a gold reflector which warms skin tones. I use this quite often with family portraits.


Shot with my Nikon at 1/350, F stop 9.5
Here, I used a Nikon Speedlight SB-800 flash, pointed directly at Biceps, along with the gold reflector. The flash created definite shadowing underneath his chin.


Shot with my Nikon at 1/250, F stop 8
I moved my gold reflector as close to Bicep’s face as I could, without it being seen in the shot. The gold definitely intensifies his skin tones.


Shot with my Nikon at 1/250, F stop 9.5
This is the same shot with silver reflector which cools the skin tones. I’ll use this when wanted a colder look to a portrait.


Shot with my Nikon at 1/350, F stop 9.5
Lastly, I added my Speedlight Flash to the silver reflector, creating a colder, harsher portrait. This is a good technique when shooting fashion.

Biceps was such a good sport. I think I’ll keep him.

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