Get yer motors runnin’ in Sturgis, SD

Touring with my musician hubby has opened my eyes to so many wonderful places.
But, by far one of my favorite places would be
the Sturgis bike rally.
I saw things that I never wanted to see, smelled things I never wanted to smell and just in general, reconfirmed my desire to not ever attending said rally.

Leather reigned supreme. Cows everywhere shudder when they hear that the Sturgis ‘get together’ is just around the corner. I felt quite awesome in my Vans tennis shoes, plaid shorts and tank top. Really awesome.

Streets were blocked off and labeled, ‘Motorcycle Only’. Motorcycles ruled and cars drooled-buses with long haired hippy freak musicians were the worst droolers of all….I saw butt chaps (don’t ask), halter tops and several near misses on the highway between chopper and automobile. Here are a few examples of what you can get into trouble for at Sturgis:
Ordinance Code & Bond Amount

Indecent Exposure
#12.0802 $111.00

Deposit of Filth (one of my favorite infractions)
#12.0601 $86.00

Dog Running at Large
#1.0209 $56.00

Use of Sound Amplification Device:
#13.0116 Court Appearance Req.

Driving on Bike Path / Sidewalk
#14.0303/16.0216 $111.00

Exhibition Driving
#16.0225 $66.00

Carrying pistol or revolver without a permit
#22-14-9 Custody Arrest

Illegal Handlebar Height (probably my favorite infraction
#32-20-3 $20.00

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At any given point, a group of cool bikers can/will stop in the middle of the highway for no reason whatsoever, causing the sissy autos that are traveling 65 m.p.h. to screech and swerve recklessly. The day we were there, there had already been 16 deaths.

Everyone converges here, happy that they made it alive. Where I come from, a buffalo chip is not a place you want to hang out at. To each his own….

And if you get bored of biking, there are many ‘family-friendly’ activities that you can participate in.

I don’t even know what to say.

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for the entire world. Deal with it.
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