Men Make Such a Difference

My Father was the man that told me stories every night, held me when I cried, and who could barely spank me when I was naughty. (Which was often).

He taught me that a man worth having…was a man worth waiting for.

He took us kids on bike rides, crafted stilts out of leftover wood and created ‘treasure hunts’ for our birthdays.

He’ll still be silly with us and has never embarrassed by us.

He is reliable, consistent, honest…

…and a little weird.
Mom says that’s where I get it from.

He is the best earthly example I have seen of what my Heavenly Father must be like.
Except I picture God with flowing hair. My Dad has never had flowing hair. I believe he came out of the womb with his current hairdo.
Anywho, thank you Daddy, for showing me what it means to live a godly and moral life.
I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Father’s Day!

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