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Living Room Decisions-HELP!

The living room is painted and decor is on the wall (mostly of the gold variety).

Living Room

However, there are still no curtains hanging over the windows and my nesting mode is kicking into high gear. What would you recommend as far as draperies?


Dining Room

For now, we are keeping the dining room table and the rug pictured here…



…and the rug pictured in here.


Living Room
And, we’re keeping the couches until another one or two fall into our laps. So-do we go with a bold color for drapes, a non-descript white, a pattern, something vintage…what?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Weigh in!



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Sparkly, Silver, Vintage Christmas Decor

From the music to the decorating…our Christmas is pretty vintagy. Anything sparkly and old typically catches my eye. And anything cheap typically catches Biceps’ eye. This year, I pumped up the sparkly, adding vintage accents here and there.

We found our snazzy aluminum tree for dirt cheap years ago-and it came with blue and silver ornaments to boot.
Our living room has become a sparkly, shimmery wonderland. Rebekah likey.

We’ve collected vintage ornaments over the years-with a hard and fast rule of never paying more than a dollar for each one. I don’t know why we have this rule-probably because we are cheap.

This lucite tree was a gift from Grandma’s stash ‘o Christmas goodies last year. I Christmas-fy the tree with dainty green ornaments during the holidays. And yes, ‘Christmas-fy’ is a word.

This centerpiece on my dining room table spreads its cutesy flair during dinner.

I created this four foot silver twiggy tree for our breakfast nook. I just can’t seem to get enough of the twigs, lately.

Trust me, there’s more to share-but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much sparkly.
I heard too much exposure to ‘sparkly’ can be bad for the brain…Check back soon to see what else I have up my sparkly sleeve.

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