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The X Factor and Britney Spears

I had the rare opportunity to spend this past weekend solely with my little brother, Daniel. (Although, my little brother is not that little. At 6’2″, he pretty much dominates any sort of crowd situation.)


Daniel, a.k.a. “Average Dan“, works for Fox television here in Tulsa and was sent to the X Factor auditions taking place in Kansas City.


And wouldn’t you know he asked me to go along with him? I felt so stinkin’ special.

As kids, Daniel and I traveled to the most exotic midwest small towns with my parent’s ministry. We became so accustomed to traveling the back roads that now traveling on interstates seems almost sacrilegious.


We still appreciate 2 lane highways, slower speed limits, weird sightings such as the world’s largest prairie dog, ball of twine or pen collections, roadside fruit stands, and cowboys hanging out the DQ.


We chose the circuotous route, stopping in Coffeyville, Ks. to act like morons and climb all over this train and relive old memories.


We learned long ago that even in the tiniest town, most mexican restaurants offered edible food. If there isn’t a mexican restaurant to be found, Plan B was always chicken fingers. You can’t really screw up either of these food sources, for the most part.

So, we stopped for mexican in Iola, KS and ate at El Charro’s. It did not disappoint.


After a quick change at our hotel, we walked to the Sprint Center to watch the X Factor auditions. The place was packed, the emotions were high, the weirdos and the talented alike stepped on and then off stage.


The judges were Britney Spears, L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato and what should have been Simon Cowell but ended up being the British X Factor’s judge Louis Walsh. I was concerned Britney might freak out and jump on the table, or threaten someone with an umbrella, but she was rather composed and gentle when it came to crushing someone’s dreams.

I saw three promising vocalists out of the 10 or 15 that tried-a 40 something year old male who went country, a 12 year old R & B female that blew us all out of the water, and a 16 year old chick with pipes that tore the house apart and then down.


We speculated what Britney was doing while we were eating fish tacos and drinking a dark beer. I just hoped it didn’t involve her hair, a razor and crazy pills.

But, it probably did.


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Wine, Brothers and Cowboy Boots

Biceps has had his hands full with either firemen training classes, interviews with fire chiefs, or playing and practicing the drums for a new church. The man is an animal that just won’t quit.

Needless, to say-I’ve had a bit of free time.

Baby brother invited me out for a night on the town and there was no way I was turning this opportunity down.


I actually applied makeup, shaved my legs and did my hair. It was a big night.


He took me to Girouard Winery in downtown Tulsa, of all places. Daniel likes a sweeter wine, I like dry-but of course we shared our samplers with the other.

During the course of our sharing adult beverages, I realized I was an adult. I didn’t have to wear yoga pants 24/7. Jeans are good, too.


As with any wine tour-the history, the grapes, the aromas were aptly described while some of us sober ones paid attention.


And, as with any winery in Oklahoma, most of those participating in the tour had a particular style of footwear.


The night was perfect, the conversation couldn’t have been better and the wine was delicious. The next time brother and I go out, I might even order the cheese plate and really live it up.

I’m just that crazy.

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Recycled Art, Steel Drums and Free Food

(All that you need to throw a good party.)
My brother was asked to participate in the Tulsa Young Professional’s Art Show.
The entire show focused on using recycled materials. My brother submitted five pieces and was allowed to show them all.
I was allowed to eat free food.

The show was held downtown in the Living Arts Studio in the historic Brady district.
I want to live in this building. That is, if everyone would clear out and give me some dang privacy.

Light-hearted, fun and not too pretentious, the steel drums and acoustic guitar set the mood.

Here is the man of the hour, next to my favorite piece he’s ever created.

This piece is called, ‘Facade’ and I want it back in my living room.
It once was there, and then my little stinker of a brother took it back.

My brother created this piece after studying in Korea. He named it ‘DMZ’ for the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.
I respect his political viewpoint, but of course, I gave it ‘pounds’ more than once.
Is that wrong?

My brother found these masks in an abandoned gas station in Illinois and turned them into ‘Me Minus Fifty’.

This piece of my brother’s, ‘Moniker’, was the winner of the ‘Best 3-d Design’. He almost threw this away when it didn’t turn out as he expected.
He promptly sold it thirty minutes into the art show.
I guess we’ve all learned a little lesson, haven’t we?

This is not my brother’s, but I loved it so much, I just had to show you. Aptly named ‘Heartbeat’, the bulbs would light up in sync with your heartbeat when you put your finger in this little clampy device.
How cool is that?

This was done by another local artist, Kris Atkinson. (He also did the scissors you see in the first picture.)
The vivid colors from his pieces mesmerize me.

This is my baby brother’s piece, ‘Captured Nature’.
The blurry thing in the center is a real working fan, recycled from a walk-in cooler.
I have tried capturing nature before…and let me tell you, it bites.

Look at this man that I refer to as my ‘baby brother’. He has grown up before my very eyes.
The world needs more men like this guy. What a stud.

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