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My Birthday Week-Guns and Cake!

So, it’s official-I’m old. You know you’re old when you tell a 20-something you’re 35 and they say, “Wow, you’ve aged well.”

What am I? A fine wine? I suppose there are worse things to be…


Typically, I make a big deal out my birthday. I start planning a month in advance, have a theme, and throw a party. But this year, I was less than excited about turning 35. AND, Biceps had to work on my big day, so I knew I would be celebrating my day-alone. Wah.


However, my sweet Biceps-who reads my mind (aka-just looks at me)-knew how I was feeling. He put in a quick call to a friend, and before I knew it-inches were coming off.

And not around my waist. (A girl can dream.)


My BSF partner (in crime) bought me a vegan muffin and skinny hazelnut latte for breakfast, a fabulous lunch, and she willingly colored my hair and cut me some fancy bangs. I felt spoiled and it was awesome.

After a lovely night on the porch with my kitties and birthday wishes from friends, I called it a night. For suddenly becoming 35 over night, it was still a pretty good day…


But wait-there’s more-a lot more. The next morning, I opened my gift from Biceps-a 38 Special Revolver. Hello!

Happy Birthday to me and God Bless America, all in one.


Biceps went “treat” shopping and he knows what a girl wants, what a girl needs…and she needs options of both sweet and salty, olives and Mike and Ikes, cashews and chocolate. Totally normal, right?


Biceps also made my favorite cake-German Chocolate-to enjoy later in the evening. And yes the candles do read, “Bappy Hirthday” because Biceps thinks he’s hilarious. And he is.


Another lunch out-but this time with Biceps, we partook of aforementioned treats, time on the porch together, and a catnap. After scrubbing the crusties from our eyes, our family and friends who were willing to eat cake and ice cream with me, ventured over to celebrate.

All in all, I suppose 35 isn’t so bad. America! Happy Birthday! Guns and Cake!



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It’s his birthday and he’ll sleep if he wants to….

Guess who’s birthday it is today?


Maxwell has officially turned one.


And this is how he is choosing to spend his big day.


I can’t blame the guy. I’d prefer to spend my birthday much the same-catching up on my sleep.

We are so glad you are a part of our lives, Max. Happy Birthday (said in a hushed tone)!

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It’s My Birthday and I have a few Wishes

I’m getting older-today.

Not too old, mind you-but older. I still have my original teeth, hair and eyesight-so, I’m still doing pretty good.

And, since it was my birthday today, I’d thought I’d let you in on a few wishes that I have:


1. I wish I could eat these without gaining an ounce-every day of my life.


2. I wish some rich super distant uncle I had never met bequeathed this sweet ride to me.


3. I wish kittens never died. Instead, they would be whisked up into heaven just like Elijah.


4. I wished these people….


5. …and these people lived closer.


6. And above all, I wish I never disappointed this guy, made him mad or ticked him off. Fat chance, but I’ll sure as heck try.

I have many more wishes, but I’ll keep it to six. I need time to go party!

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Happy Birthday, Biceps

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Biceps is growing closer to being an old man, and furiously trying to catch up to my old age.


We are six months apart, and I Lord this fact over him from time to time. It’s really funny when Grandma insists that we go by age for our line-up at prayer time. He has to go first. Hah.


But, since it’s his Birthday today, I am going to make this short and sweet.


I love this man. And here are a few reasons why:

1. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen.
2. He is one of the most positive people in my life.
3. He is faithful to me.
4. He opens my door. Every time.
5. He just sent his mother and me on a “Pamper Day”. But, he is the one busting his behind for 13 hours a day at his new job.
6. He puts God first, then me second-before himself-before football. And he LOVES football.
7. He is my best friend.

Happy Birthday, darling. I love you.

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