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Maxwell’s New Friend

A new dog moved into the neighborhood. He is big and black and a little rough around the edges. Let’s just say, you don’t win me over Mr. New Dog when you dig underneath the fence and into my squash plants. You are on a slippery slope, New Dog.

For some reason, New Dog and Max have seemed to come to an agreement that they like each other. After a few hours of hissing, arched backs and fluffy tails, I finally calmed down and let the two be.


They will spend hours, paws outstretched, touching each other through the chain link fence.


New dog has no idea he’s not supposed to be friends with kitty cats.


They pay no mind to the mocking squirrels. They do what’s in their heart. They follow their heart.


And, they love. My mind is singing, “Ebony and Ivory” all the while. It’s a beautiful moment. *Sniff.

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There’s a Mouse in the House!

See this adorable, blue-eyed little guy? He is one of the strangest and friskiest little kittens that I have ever met.

There was a time when he wasn’t frisky, in fact he was sick-really sick.


Therefore, I gladly will trade all of those horrible sick days for his crazy shenanigans and up to trouble-ness.

Max has a favorite toy and his name is “Brown Mouse”. This cat loves plays fetch with “Brown Mouse”. I have spent many an evening throwing this mouse so that Max can thunderously retrieve. Then, he drops it in my hand-waiting for me to throw it again. It’s weird.


Lately, “Brown Mouse” has been stored here in the front windowsill by the aforementioned feline.


“Brown Mouse” used to have two ears.


He also used to have tail feathers.


“Brown Mouse” has a split in his side that leaves tuffs of fuzz all over the house.


But, “Brown Mouse” rattles and gets Maxwell hyped up.


I have tried replacing “Brown Mouse”, but Max won’t hear of it. This is his toy and he will play with it until he has determined it’s time to store it away in the front windowsill once more.

Or if he decides “Brown Mouse” needs a bath and I find it in the water dish.

I know, I have weird cats.

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A Friend that Loves at all times

Dear Readers:

I have one of those friends that actually thinks my jokes are funny and I think hers are hilarious. Our friendship came out of the blue and was totally unexpected. And yet, we can talk about God, what’s happening in our lives or what we hope to happen in the future for hours. When we leave one another, we both walk away feeling encouraged and uplifted.


She’s embraced the good, the bad, the ugly in my life and has loved me regardless. She even loves me when I’m in the middle of Crossfit and super stinky.

We enjoy doing a lot of the same things together, but also just enjoy watching the world hurriedly pass by as we sip a cup of coffee.


She’s always got my back, never undermines or gossips about me. What I tell her is locked up in her vault and I know I can trust her.
But, she is no pushover. She’s told me like it is more than once. I love all of these things about her. She is definitely the “…friend that loves at all times…” Proverbs 17:17.

Do you have one of these friends? If so, how did your friendship form and what do you love about her?

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It’s his birthday and he’ll sleep if he wants to….

Guess who’s birthday it is today?


Maxwell has officially turned one.


And this is how he is choosing to spend his big day.


I can’t blame the guy. I’d prefer to spend my birthday much the same-catching up on my sleep.

We are so glad you are a part of our lives, Max. Happy Birthday (said in a hushed tone)!

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