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Johnny (Cash) Knows What I Mean

This year has been a whirlwind of tours. We’ve crossed deserts, seen snowy mountains and experienced gorgeous sunrises. We’ve also seen some freaks, but met some nice peeps and overall-had a lovely 2010. Here are snippets of my top ten places we’ve visited from this last year.
I’ve been everywhere, man.

Number 1:
I love to play practical jokes on unsuspecting musicians. It helps them not take themselves too seriously. Plus, it makes me laugh.
Sort of a win-win.

Number 2:
Marfa, Tx is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. It’s filled with a unique art community that made us all feel right at home.

(photo courtesy of Malcolm Schuyl at http://www.wildvisions.co.uk)
Number 3:
I had a bit of a run-in with a snow goose while driving David Copperfield through the frozen tundra of Canada.

Number 4:
Visiting Sturgis, SD was quite the eye opener-complete with halter tops, leather chaps and helmets adorned with horns. Weird.

Number 5:
There are many things to love about Austin, Tx-and the  St. Cecilia Hotel tops the list.

Number 6:
Slapped in the face with a little dose of Mexican reality snapped me out of a pity party.

Number 7:
Biceps is a passionate man-especially when it comes to stage performance. So passionate, in fact, that he got scolded during a show for doing very naughty things.

Number 8:
My mother-in-law has a knack for searching out some of the coolest stores. She introduced us to a store called Victory’, and it changed our lives.

Number 9:
I like to focus on the beauty found in each town we visit. But, there is a seedy underbelly that from time to time humors me.

Number 10:
There is much more Woodstock, NY than hippies. Much more.
I have enjoyed sharing our year of touring with all of you, my dear readers. I hope that you have seen some places you are inspired to visit, and perhaps some that you will avoid…
Happy 2011 to all of you!

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Peace, Love and Woodstock

The hippies are still there. According to the locals, they always have been.
As far back as the 1920’s, artist and musician types would secretly meet in the nearby forest, throw off their clothes and dance around a gigantic fire. Amongst other things. I submit that if they had left their clothes on, a fire would have been unnecessary, saving precious firewood. But, that’s just the practical side of me.

Just outside of Woodstock, the Bearsville Theater rests among the trees. A meandering stream flits by, whispering secrets of flower children, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

However, the whispering stream might have been my imagination fueled by ancient pot that still lingers in the air. No one knows for sure. It’s a real bummer, man.

Two beautiful wooden staircases in the lobby caught my eye. I asked a runner (a person who takes you to the hotel, shopping, etc) if one of the staircases was the ‘up’ and one was the ‘down’. Then I laughed at my obvious wit. The runner, however, just stared blankly back at me.

As we waited to see if our runner would be the one with the breathalyzer installed in her car or the one with two dogs who would ride along ‘just for fun’ with us, I checked out the rest of the theater.
And said a little prayer for our safety.

We were eventually paired up with the ‘breathalyzer’ runner who turned out to be a very lovely girl. Although she had to tend to her breathalyzer every ten minutes during the drive. It was a bit unsettling…but at least we knew she was sober. Woodstock, thank you for showing us a very unique time like only you could.

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