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Too Cute for Comfort

Dear Readers:
It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed the enormously cute properties of our rescue kitties. I have had a bit of a battle at my hands, hoping to train the kittens up in the way they should go. However, they are choosing to ignore my instructions and each morning I find they’ve been on the counter, the table or whatever else is off-limits.

That said, I’ve been a bit frustrated. Today, I decided to look through the cuteness of aforementioned kittens to encourage me in my struggle to gain obedience from the fur gang.

This is Bianca-who on her own-makes a little tent out of our rug in the breakfast nook. She can sneak in and out of the tent-and it says put until she returns. Pretty cute.


This is Maxwell, who repeatedly climbs onto the ledges in our Master Bathroom, only to be unable to get down on his own. He is posing-I’m sure of it-to gain cute points so that I will climb on top of the toilet and retrieve him.


Max’s butt. Nuff said.


Face plant by Max.

Cute points are about to top out at this point.


Topped out.

Ah, just what I needed to encourage me once more. Now, back to the training with a spray bottle and a “gentle, but authoritative voice”.

It will work one of these days, I’m sure of it.


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Fun with Mustaches

I just love the advances in technology.
Now, if a hip wears out-you can get a fancy new plastic one. You can laser your eyes to see 20/20. If you don’t like your boobs, chin, butt or anything else, you can pay to make them look better.
You can also make babies in test tubes, see a new planet from the comfort of your computer chair and watch as scientists grow an ear on a rat’s back.
And, you can put mustaches on anyone’s face, just by using your iphone and an app called “Stachematic”.
I am not getting any sort of kick-backs, money or otherwise for this post. I just like this ap. It’s funny. And I wanted to share it with you.

Hello, Mustachio Mom & Dad.


Mustachio’d Grandma.


Mustachio’d other Grandma, Dad, and Uncles.


And Mustachio’d Bianca.

I love technology.

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Christmas No-No Decor

Dear Readers: Due to the naughtiness of these two,

Christmas is going to be a little weird this year. We just can’t trust them. They are naughty. They will break, bite, and eat anything new or shiny that comes into my home and I need your help. Let me explain:


This is what happens when such naughtiness abounds in my house. Things get broken. Words are said. Spray bottles are utilized.


In order for me to maintain sanity, this will not be seen on my fireplace this year.


Nor will this be gracing my dining room table bringing cheer to my Christmas dinners.


And this will definitely not be in my breakfast nook.


For some reason, Cowboy never bothered any of my Christmas decor.


However, these two are another story. Any suggestions on how to have kitten-proof decor? I need your help.

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Naughtiness Abounds-Maxwell & Bianca Style

Ah, yes. Our little angels. Asleep and quiet. Snuggling one another. They look as if they’ve never had a naughty thought cross their mind.

We all know that’s bull.

I came home to this the other day. Normally, these mannequin heads are lined up neatly on my mantel. Not anymore. After several failed attempts to “train” our angelic kittens, the mannequin heads have been place in the attic for their own safety.

The #7 is missing from my keyboard. The innocent until proven guilty was applied to Maxwell-when a day later-I found the up arrow key in his furry little mouth.

My mascara wand was confiscated and re-used by Max in the shake of a cat’s tail. I didn’t see it coming. And then, blam! All over his white face.

But then, they do this. And it’s so dang cute. And my heart melts. They may be naughty cats, but they are my naughty cats. And I love that they fit in so perfectly with the rest of the naughtiness in this house.

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