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Vintage Drums and Dates

Biceps is the best husband ever. Hands down. Bar none. Don’t argue with me. He’s been that way for the entirety of our almost 13 years of marriage. I married up, and most of my family wouldn’t contradict that point. They know I’m right. With all of that said, Biceps is also a very focused man.


Cute Biceps
With baby #1 on the way, he has taken to a “nose-to-the-grindstone” mentality with work, school and providing for our family. The man never rests. Except from 11 pm to 5 am. Then–he’s out like a light and no amount of kitty wrestling, house alarms sounding or excessive use of the bathroom by yours truly (thanks Baby G) will wake him.


Vistalite Drums
We’ve been needing a little getaway before Baby G pops out into the world. However, I knew pulling Biceps away from his focus would be difficult.

Enter a craigslist for sale ad for Vintage Ludwig Vistalite Drums in a city just two hours away. As a wife, I just hit the jackpot.


Main Living-Norman B & B
Nothing motivates a musician more than the drums they’ve always dreamed about. Within hours, Biceps had found and secured a night at a Norman Bed and Breakfast.


Breakfast at Norman B & B
This beautiful little house was very affordable, it was all ours (no weird interaction with the owners or other guests), and stocked with yummy snacks.


Bedrooms2-Norman B & B
The best part was-they did not decorate with dolls, doilies or victorian pictures. Thank goodness.


Backyard-Norman B & B
If the weather hadn’t been so stinkin’ freezing cold, we would have used the hammock, the hot tub and the fire pit provided. Instead, we looked at it longingly from the safety and heated security of the inside-while eating cookies.


Biceps-Norman B & B
Biceps actually relaxed from his overwhelming schedule and donned a robe and house shoes. He sat for hours looking at old pictures with me and talking about our future with Baby G.


House Highlights-Norman B & B
Biceps bought his drums and we got our inexpensive, much-needed getaway. Take note ladies-if you are needing a getaway with your special man-pray that God prompts your hubby to look one more time at craigslist. And then pack a bag.



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Getting my Cheap Thrills on TV

Dearest Readers:

Unbeknownst to you, I’ve been berry, berry sneaky. I kept a secret from all of you-which is very hard for me to do.

Completely unrelated, set your DVR to record Fox 23’s Great Day, Green Countrythis morning at 10 am. 

That is a direct order.

I suppose I did ok?

You know how I’m always sweating it up while being taped LIVE on Fox23’s “Great Day, Green Country“? I’ve surmised that the producers of the show got wise to my pit sweat and-instead of being on live tv-they chose to shoot on location at my favorite vintage store in Tulsa-Cheap Thrills.


Lacey Lett, of “Great Day, Green Country“, and I had a girl’s day last week. We tried on all sorts of fun vintage dresses while being taped for the show that will air this morning. We laughed at the 70’s gold lame pantsuits, we cried when a favorite on the hanger wasn’t a favorite on the body, and we all avoided my awkward pit sweat.


As soon as the video is posted on “Great Day, Green Country’s” website, I will post it right here for your viewing pleasure! But, for now-you have some shopping to do.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Vintage Christmas Gift Ideas

There are some things from the past that I adore. To name a few: the fancy dresses, matching hats, women in gloves and chromed-out muscle cars.

However, there are a few things from the past that I hope will never be repeated. Corsets, cod liver oil and women being treated as “less-thans”…

…along with these marketing ideas for Christmas gifts.


Why not light up alongside Santa this year? After all, most doctors agree it’s good for you.


How did this every fly with the public?


But, I suppose if famous actor and President were handing these out as gifts, one might believe they are actually good for you.


And they’re probably ok to smoke around your infant, I’m sure.

Maybe you already have plenty of cigarettes. Instead, how about receiving a lovely appliance for Christmas, ladies?


She looks pretty happy about it.

But, what do you get your guy that has just about everything?


A gun of course!

Oh wait. I did that several years ago for Biceps. I guess some of these vintage Christmas gift ideas aren’t that bad….

Merry Vintage Christmas. Light one up!

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Need a Morning Cup of Coffee?

Dear Readers:
Biceps and I awaken WAY before the sun comes up. At about 4:50 a.m., my body and both kittens inform me that the alarm is coming in just a few minutes-due to the coffee pot clicking on and beginning its brew cycle. There is something you should know about me, my dear reader: I hate alarms, but I love coffee.

And I guess the term “hate” is not a good enough description when it comes to alarms. I detest them. I would love to live in a world where there are no alarms. Ever. Until the end of time.


I am a morning person, so you’d think I would love alarms. But, little known fact-I am also a night person. Basically, if I didn’t have to sleep, I wouldn’t.

However, that annoying little sound telling me what I have to do and when I have to do it just bugs me. I don’t agree with it. Not one bit.


The only thing that will immediately put me in a good mood after the abrupt alarm is the smell of lovely coffee brewing from a few feet away. Any other way you are ordered to wake up is just inhumane.

Mind you, I’ve eaten guinea pig brains. I’ve broken my arm in a foreign country and performed an entire sword fighting scene in a cast. I’ve had Taco Bell Nachos come back out of my body through the orifice of my nasal cavity. I know what it’s like to suffer.

But, mornings without coffee is mere torture and it’s just plain stupid to suffer that way.


This is what life looks like for me without coffee. Contemplative. Stressful. Full of anxiety-but, of course, still wearing cute shoes.


And this is me with a cup of coffee coursing through my veins, interacting with my brain stem, enriching my life. Comforting my cold hand with its warmth.

I don’t care if it has caffeine or not. I just need some dang hot coffee.

If you are anything like me-Good morning to all of you out there that have suffered through another alarm! I hope you’ve had your chance to make yourself a cup of coffee.

Love-Rebekah (as she sips her coffee)

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