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Good Morning, Sunday and Vinegar!

Sunday is reserved for church in my mind. It’s been that way my whole life. I look forward to seeing our friends and family, watching Biceps beat the heck out of the drums and spend time learning more about God.

Our church is growing rapidly and now has six services. Biceps drums in each service, so we are there most of the day. (But, we do take a tiny nap break in the middle.)


However, today Biceps is on duty and we only have the one car. Pictured above is my second favorite thing to do on a Sunday, but alas…it is not what I will be doing today.


My house needs a good scrubbing and I am the one to do it. I keep trying to convince the cats to start wearing dishcloth booties on their paws to help out, but they won’t have anything to do with that nonsense.

Today, I will be knee deep in vinegar, water, tea tree oil and sweat. But, I will be listening to praise and worship music and singing along.

So, it’s almost like I’m in church….with a little vinegar on the side. Happy Sunday!

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