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Tornadoes ruin Date Nights

Last night, Biceps and I finished our puppet box project for a church here in town earlier than expected. (Unfamiliar with this side of my life? This is what I’m referring to):


Puppet Box
Once aforementioned box was completed, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We actually had a few hours of free time.

So, we came up with a brilliant plan-date night!


Stormy Sky
However, this started rolling in-along with thunder, rain and lightening. However, we forged ahead with our plans. I got the hairdryer out, the make-up bag and the hairspray. I wanted to look good for my man. I even remembered deodorant.


Then, we started noticing all of the outdoor events we were to partake of were being cancelled. People were talking of getting into their storm shelters. Sissies, I thought. I’ve seen worse.


Stormy 3
The weatherman put a big red blob across my state and plastered it with, “Tornado Warning.” I sighed and washed the make-up off my face.


Stormy 4
Tornadoes are stupid. Instead of being able to cuddle up and relax like you would with a snowstorm, you spend two hours watching the news and prepping for the inevitable. The storm chasers describe the scene with glee, the same video of touch-downs keeps rolling and you finally give up and go to bed.

Tornadoes ruin date nights. The weather owes me one.

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The Beaches, The Earthquakes, The Tornadoes-The Whole She-bang

Dear Readers:
Have you heard that Oklahoma keeps having earthquakes and tornadoes-simultaneously? Have you wondered, as I have, why this land-locked state is receiving not only the backhand from the nature, but the forward slap as well?
I think I may have the answer: I think it’s my fault.

While on tour, we stopped off in San Diego. One gray morning, Biceps and I walked to the beach with our hotel cup of coffee and enjoyed the ocean coming to shore.


Contemplation set in as to why Biceps and I chose to put down our roots in Okie-land, instead of a place such as this.


The ocean drew me to her and soon the cuffs of my pants were wet. Oklahoma and its dirty lakes came to mind. I tried to reassure myself with the choice of our hometown.


I made the comment that at least in Oklahoma we only have to worry about tornadoes while these San Diego-ans have to worry about hurricanes and earthquakes.
So, I think someone is setting the record straight for me that we are not exempt from another form of natural disasters.


Therefore, I believe it is my fault. I am so sorry to anyone that might be reading this that lives in Oklahoma. I am so sorry, Oklahoma as a state.

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Touring Changes!

In case you haven’t heard…you haven’t heard from me. In awhile. Like 8 months.
I was an idiot and I’ll tell you why. I went El Cheapo and built my site in Iweb in the spring of 2010. Ah…those were the good months.

Around January 2011, all heck broke loose. My website-my carefully planned website-became unusable, unretrievable and unpostable. I am not sure if all of those are legitimate adjectives, but I plead the stressed-out case before you.


I continued on with life, saving up my money to hire a professional to build the template. And while I waited, life did not stop. Tours were to be tended to, family was to be visited-the life as I knew it, kept moving forward.


There are road side attractions that must be discussed. Like this giant blue whale on Route 66.


There were near-misses here in Tulsa as tornadoes touched down in Joplin, nearly destroying the city.


There were camels to be seen, new foods to eat, cities to explore…

…and of course my weird husband doing weird things in his hotel room. Like standing in front of a cow picture, bedecked in a zebra print bathrobe, holding a bottle of wine, posing and taking a picture of himself with his phone. Yep. Weird.


I’ll share with you my new adventures, like: places to eat, weird things that have been witnessed, beauty captured by my camera and stories that need to be told.
The world is a large place and I plan to tour it all. Welcome back.

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