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Behind the scenes of Normalcy

You and I both know that for every finished family photo hanging on a wall, there had to be 10 more weird ones rejected. Whether you are the photographer or hired a camera-snapper to do the dirty work-you’ve seen what I’m talking about.

Little Aden is picking his nose. Grandma is coughing into a kleenex. Brother Nimrod is rolling his eyes. And of course, the rabbit ears are a must in at least one photo.

So, when you saw my somewhat normal family photos, you probably thought-“Yeah, but what do they really look like?”.


Let’s discuss this photo.

1. I didn’t make it into the frame, because I set the delay and tripped over the curb.
2. On the left, Biceps doesn’t seem to be helping the distracting situation by dancing.
3. Neither is my oldest (and should be MOST mature) brother who is engaging in some sort of air guitar.
4. Several persons are including the eyes-closed method for taking pictures.
5. One child is intrigued with the veins on the leaves. I get it. They’re cool. But let’s wait for science discoveries until after the photo shoot.
6. One child has paddle hands.
7. The other two look as if they would rather be anywhere else other than here.
8. Pretty much the only “normals” are my 94 year old grandmother and beautiful sis-in-law on the right in an ivory sweater.

But, this is an improvement.

From this.


Who are my stand-ins while I try to find the right lighting. However, things get weirder.


Remember the aforementioned “normal” sis-in-law? She ain’t looking so normal now, is she? More creepy than anything…


It’s just getting creepier.


Do you see what I have to deal with? And I’m so normal, I just don’t understand this weirdness.



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Took a Week Off from ME for a Happier Thanksgiving

My personality, left to its own demise, is a get-it-done-right-now personality or lead others to do it with a strong arm. I am a high “D” in most aspects of my life-and if any of you don’t know what that is, here is a quick excerpt from Indy Smallbiz.

General Characteristics – High D’s are direct, decisive and very self confident

Communicating with a High D – They don’t like a bunch of detail, so you must be brief, direct and to the point.

Positive Characteristics of High D – They are good leaders and are great in crises. They consistently set and achieve goals. They are task orientated and can provide direction and push a group toward decisions. They are also willing to speak out and give their opinion, and they always see the big picture.

Weaknesses – They come off as blunt, direct and brash

Blunt. I’ve been called that a time or two. Ouch.


Each time my parents have visited in the past, I’ve had to go through a decompression time with Biceps. I talk through all the ways I failed to show unconditional love to my family, failed as a self-professed Christian and have inadvertently hurt someone with my words.


I try to justify my harsh responses when someone pushed me too far.

However, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45


Meaning, when I spew out awful things, it’s because my heart has been focused on awful things.

Yikes. That stings a mite.


Why is it so easy for me to focus on the negatives, when I have SO many positives in my life. Here is my list of positives that will become a cheat sheet for me next year:

1. Amazing, Godly parents and in-laws who are still in love.
2. A wonderful older brother who married a beautiful woman whom he loves and is faithful to.
3. A giving second older brother who would kick anyone’s butt that ever messed with me.
4. A younger brother who chose an awesome woman to marry, who works hard and understands my weirdness.
5. A hot husband who puts God first, me second, our families third, the cats fourth and everything else after that.
6. My health and the ability to wake up every morning and move around on my own two feet.
7. A God who has forgiven me, my stupid mess of a life and who loves me more than I can imagine.
8. The list goes on and on. You get the idea.

What is your cheat sheet for next year?

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Normal Reasons to be Thankful

I talked earlier this week about the Weird Reasons to be Thankful.
Now, I would like to share with you some normal reasons to be Thankful, since it is Thanksgiving day and my mother would appreciate it if I was more normal for once.

First and foremost, I am thankful for this hot little number-Biceps. Need I say more on that subject?


Secondly, I am thankful for my big crazy family. Every one of ’em. (I have another brother that should have been in this shot, but he ran off before I pulled out the camera. He hates to have his picture taken, apparently…)


I am thankful that I live here. Well, not here on Ellis Island-but here in America. I love my country.


I am thankful that I got to hang out with this guy for 8 years before he was called home to be with the Lord.


I am so thankful for these.


And for these two little troublemakers. And even though the number 7 on my keyboard is missing and I believe they have something to do with this, I am still thankful for them….

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

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It’s Obviously Thanksgiving

For those of you strapped to your computers, stranded out of town, lacking a family, or could use a break from your family or are just bored to tears as the men watch football-here is your rest. Land here on this page, brew some tea, grab a fuzzy blanket and let me tell you a little story that most of you may not know.

It’s a story about a normal girl (me) that came from a not-so-normal family. They tried their best to make me not-so-normal, too. But they did not succeed. I am the only normal one left.

Here’s proof as to what I am talking about. I was diligently setting up my camera for our annual lame Thanksgiving photo op. Diligently asking myself, do I use flash or will that be too harsh? Will dad squint his eyes? Will Biceps ham it up?

Yes, on all accounts. This photo stinks. Let’s try again.


Biceps receives a positive reaction from the crowd. This only encourages him, folks. Let’s try it again.

Dad thinks we need to move whatever this was. I am loosing them. Let’s try it again.

Now is the time for baby brother and Biceps to have a conversation. Now, right now. What is so important? “Which was better, Duck Hunt or Spy Hunter?”. Yes, very important.
And, so once more we try.

Ah, getting there. I even made it into the photo before the self-timer went off. But, bleck. I am shadowing Biceps terribly. Try again.

But, this seems so boring. So, not us. Forget it, I give up. I am just as weird as the rest of my family. I will admit it! I too am not-so-normal. Let’s just have fun, instead.

I didn’t stand a chance in my normal world.

And so this is where my story ends. I tried, really tried hard to be normal. But, like so many things in life-the sins of the father….

Happy Thanksgiving. From my weird family to yours.

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