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Springy, Silk Scarf Shirt-Live on GDGC

This morning, I will again be LIVE on Fox23’s “Great Day, Green Country” showing how to make this Springy, Silk Scarf Shirt. I like to create many of the items I wear-this not only helps pinch pennies but prevents the awkward ‘you’re wearing the same thing I’m wearing’ at a party. This scarf shirt is inexpensive and very simple to make.
Not only will it flatter any body type as it tapers in at the smallest point of the waist, but it will also keep you cool throughout a hot summer.
Skill Level: If I can do it, you can do it. (A.K.A. Easy.)


The robots have determined my live video can be viewed now. Enjoy. Nanu-nanu.


What you’ll need:
2 Scarves (approx. 2’ x 2’)
Sewing Machine
Thread and Bobbin to Match
Straight Pins
(2) 3″ squares and (4) 2″ squares Hem or Bias Tape, fold cut sides and iron flat
(2) 12″ sections of Craft Ribbon or Section of Snaps (like on a onesy)
(3) 2″ sections of velcro if not using snaps
(2) 18″ Sections of Craft Ribbon



Determine which scarf will be your ‘front’ and which will be the ‘back’ of your shirt.
Lay your scarves end to end and measure the center. Pin the two pieces of 3” hem tape, 6 inches on either side of center. The area in the middle will be your neck opening.
And if you have a really big head or constantly sport a big hairdo, then widen the opening for heaven’s sake.


On what will be the sides of your scarf, measure 14 1/2” down. This measurement should be just above your belly button.
This will enhance the tiny part of your waist and make you look va-va-voom.
Using the 2” hem tape, pin both sections of the 18″ ribbon on the side of your ‘front scarf’ at the 14 1/2” mark.


Follow the same instructions if you are using snaps, pinning them onto the ‘back scarf.’ If using the 12″ ribbon and velcro, sew the (3) 2″ sections of velcro along the ribbon. Use the 2″ bias tape to secure the ribbon to the back scarf.


Sew everything you have pinned on with a straight stitch, making a box with the thread around the hem tape.
This ‘box’ protects the delicate nature of silk from tearing. And when you’ve eaten too much, you’ll be thankful for it.


Sew the ends of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying–unless you like that worn look. Or, you can use a lighter to burn the ends which will also prevent fraying.


After slipping your shirt over your head, fasten the snaps or the velcro in the front around your stomach area, and tie it closed with the ribbon in the back.

It looks great paired with skinny jeans, a flowy skirt or shorts. I tend to wear bold, chunky jewelry with my scarf shirt, but I give you permission to accessorize at will.

Happy Sewing!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Planning and Planting a Spring Garden

It’s that time of year again. Can you feel it?

The soil is calling, the bunnies are ready to nibble on seedlings, and the compost is ripe. Ah…springtime. Time to plant the garden and reap the harvest.


I start off by drooling over seed magazines-literally. Then, I move on to my mental “wants” vs “needs”. I’m partial to Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seeds, (thanks to the introduction by a lovely reader, Janice). The variety of heirloom plants and seeds that can be found in this magazine is utterly amazing.

Do you want purple cauliflower? Striped tiger carrots? Marbled tomatoes? Done.


Gurney’s Seeds also has a great variety of seeds and plants offered-they’re just a bit more mainline and most are not heirloom seeds.


Next, I make an in-depth spreadsheet (because I’m a nerd) with what I absolutely need for the garden, price it all out and keep it all under $100 utilizing coupons and online discounts.


Spending less than $100 for an entire summer of produce-plus canning, dehydrating and freezing options-just makes sense.

Take that Whole Foods.


I save money on water by using Rain Barrels, making my own garden critter deterrents and utilizing my kitchen scraps to create compost.


I also save money by growing as many seedlings as my naughty cats will allow. Let’s just say we’ve had two instances already this morning. Wet paws, dirt and fur were flying.


Next comes the soil test (which can be bought at Lowes & reused multiple times for about $5). I’ll usually need to add cow poop, ground up shells or bones-along with my winter compost. I also save money each spring by renting a tiller for about $15, instead of a hefty purchase price and then storing the dang thing.


Once the ground is warm enough (the “zone board” is fighting about whether we are a zone 6 or a 7, so I just go with my gut), I’ll either transfer the seedlings or plant directly into the soil.

Using soaker hoses conserves water and slowly offers the plant a dribbly drink rather than a monstrous monsoon. Dribbly drinks creates deeper and more established roots for the plant. I also like to cover my soaker hoses with weed-free, grass clippings, which helps to conserve water and keeps the soil moist.

Moist. Moist. What a weird word.


And wouldn’t you know…these little stinking seeds do what they’re supposed to do! It’s like there’s a God or something.

Before long I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, zucchini coming out of my ears and a steady diet of fresh, pesticide-free produce and herbs.


Typically, with the first harvest, I do a little green clog jig in the garden while the neighbors watch on with bewilderment.

Ah…springtime. I love this time of year.

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Spring is Here! Winter is gone. But which is better?

Biceps and I have argued for years about what season of year is the best. He’s partial to the Fall-light jackets are necessary, trees are turning yellows/reds/oranges and the beverage of choice is coffee.

I personally love the Spring time.

But, I’ll be honest-the biggest reason that I love the Spring is that it means my birthday is right around the corner.

I will be making my case as to why Spring is the “Superior Season”. I would like for you to judge the facts, and see if you don’t come to the same awesome conclusion.

Besides my birthday (which I may need to remind you that you only have 59 shopping days left),I love the reminder that we once were dead and now we are alive in Him-seen as the naked trees bud, the brown and prickly grass turns green and soft, and the dormant flowers are in bloom.


But, on a less philosophical note, I also know this time of year means the lovely and delicious Cadbury Easter Eggs will be placed strategically at every cash register in America. Yum.

But, I digress.


When the weather starts getting warmer, the neighbors venture outside, shielding their eyes from something we haven’t seen in months-the sun.

One of my favorite neighbors will sit out back with her precious little white dogs and read for hours.


I know that there is always some out there to talk to, share gardening tips with or chat over Bicep’s latest adventure in firefighting.


Doors and windows are left open, giving the breeze full reign. Shorts are dusted off and legs are shaved. The garden will be planted soon-which promises a harvest and a physical measure of hard work.
The neighborhood is alive with strollers, bikes, dog walkers and runners. There is life, shared life, as we smile at each other, catch up on the other and enjoy the sun.

I think I have made my case. In my opinion-Spring wins the “Superior Season Contest”. But Biceps says the jury is still out.

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