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The Big Blue Whale

There are so many peculiarities that have been witnessed after years of criss-crossing the United States. I’ve watched an RV burning down to its metal frame as we sat in the traffic jam created by the aforementioned crispy RV. I’ve sat inside a Dairy Queen as a church steeple seemingly floated by. Subsequently, it was on the bed of a tractor trailer…

I’ve also seen the world’s largest prairie dog, the world’s largest rocking chair, the world’s largest ball of twine and the world’s largest pen collection. It’s been an amazing ride.

And now, the world’s biggest Blue Whale. Right in my home state of Oklahoma, if you can believe that.


Just off of Route 66-between Tulsa and Catoosa, is this little guy.


My father was along for the ride home to St. Louis, and we took a little detour. He decided to ham it up for his “bestest daughter”. Note, I am his only daughter.


At first, it was innocent enough.


Then, it turned into a bit of a showing off routine.


But, I have to admit-I asked for this. I encouraged it. In fact, I told him how to pose for this one.


Like father…like daughter, I suppose.

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