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Hilarious XMas Gift Idea-Mustache & Lips Face Masks

My baby brother, Daniel has one of the most creative minds that I know and if needed, he can be rather practical. Today, he is giving away one of his awesome face masks from his site, Mustache Mask. (Enter to win at the bottom of this post.)

These are the perfect gift for a DIY-er, Doctor, Nurse or those steering clear of  the flu and nasty infections this season! And these masks can be used as a Surgical mask, Dust mask, Allergy mask, Flu mask, Painting mask or even an Undercover disguise mask.


*Mustache Mask on Daniel

Hi! I’m Daniel Matlach. Being an avid DIY-er, I am constantly putting my lungs in harms way-as I rehab our 1940′s bungalow, complete with asbestos siding and lead paint.  I decided that if I have to wear a safety mask, it might as well be fun!


*Lush Lips Mask on Brie, Mustache Mask on Daniel

Forgo the urge to buy those pesky paper masks that are only good for one use before they are tossed in the garbage and go green! Our respiratory masks are all 3-ply, 100% cotton that can be washed and reused over and over again. 

We use eco-friendly ink and ship in bags made from 70% recycled material.  

(Check out my line of masks here on my etsy store, Modern Eyes Design or on my site, Mustache Mask.)


*Lush Lips Mask on Brie

If you need a higher level of air particle filtration, each style of mask is available as a 99% bacterial efficient model.  The masks have an opening on the inside that cleverly conceals a standard size surgical mask. If you have to wear one in public, you’re bound to get laughs and smiles in lieu of hesitant glances.  


One size fits all, from me a 6’2″ man, down to my little 4′ tall nephews.  All of our masks are printed and shipped straight to you from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


*Healthy Grin Mask on Daniel

I just love these masks! How fun would it be to go and visit your sick friend wearing one of these? Or grab a couple for the doctors and nurses in your life. Or perhaps you have that friend that is constantly remodeling something. This gift is so unique and fun-I think it would make anyone’s day!

Enter to win either  your very own “Lush Lips”, “Mustache”, or “Healthy Grin” mask  today and get it in time for the holidays!


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Glamorous Toilet Repair

Oh yes-repairing toilets is glamorous. “What isn’t glamorous about a toilet?”, is what I ask myself on a daily basis.

Today, we will tackle the repair of a “Glamorously Running Toilet” and I give you a “No Nail Broken” Guarantee.


All you need is the right outfit, the right tools, a little know how and the right mind set. I will provide you with the little know-how. You are on your own for the outfit, the tools and the right mindset. Come on-this is going to be glamorous!


I received a concerned call from one of our tenant’s: their glamorous toilet was running constantly and their last water bill was in the triple digits.

Of course, I asked if they jiggled the handle. The tenant stated it was beyond jiggling.


Photo Source
I assessed the problem-the “vintage” handle on the toilet would get stuck in the “up” or the “down” position and not allow the rubber flapper (bottom right) to either seal or to release water from the tank.

The “vintage” handle was shot. Off to Lowe’s for my $3 part, which is much cheaper than a $79 house call from a licensed plumber.


I grabbed my glamourous tools-channel lock pliers (center) and two vice grips (left and right). The vice grips proved to be unnecessary, but I wasn’t sure how stubborn the vintage handle and years of mineral deposits might be.

First step, unhook the chain that connects the handle lever to the flapper.


Next, using the channel lock pliers, I gently loosened the nut that locked in the handle, on the inside of the toilet tank. *Tip-to loosen the nut, you turn it to the right. (NO righty-tighty, lefty loosy here.) After it’s easy to turn with the pliers, removed the rest of the way by hand.


Completely remove the old nut and the handle.


The toilet tank will now look like this-with a hole that needs fillin’.


Next, grab the glamorous new handle and remove the nut by hand.


Insert the new handle into the tank and tighten the nut by hand.


Next, tighten the nut using the channel lock pliers until it’s snug. Don’t get too crazy and crack the tank. Please. I beg of you-that is not glamorous.

Finally, attach the chain and test that everything is working correctly by flushing it several times. Adjust the placement or the length of the chain if necessary.


I told you-repairing a running toilet is very glamorous. And I delivered on the “No Nail Broken” Guarantee.

Flush away!

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It’s Wednesday. And My Living Room is Still Gray.

House Theorem #17:Once you move into your house, you no longer want to remodel.

The things that just “had to go”, like peach tile in the guest bathroom, suddenly pale in comparison to just hoping for sheetrock and a working sink.


The green color that you painstakingly chose for the master bedroom and bathroom and at one point that you loved, soon is loathed each and every day. I blame my father’s army roots on this color choice.

But although you loathe it, it still takes you three long years to change it. Because you are waiting for it to “wear out” and earn its keep.


House Theorem #108: Once your walls are gray, you are scared to paint them a bold color, like this:


Aqua Blue with hints of bright orange, tan and browns. Because perhaps this is another green bedroom and you (and your guests) will have to live with it for years until this color too, has “earned its keep”.


So, it’s Wednesday. And my walls are still Gray. But, who knows-Sunday’s on the way.

(And if you know who I’m quoting from 80’s Christian pop music, then you deserve a hug. And some shoulder pads.)

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I’m having a Party here tonight!

I’m having a party here tonight.

Ok. Maybe it won’t look like this tonight. But it’s a good reminder of how far this old house has come.


After buying this house, we had to gut the past bad remodeling jobs to make it livable. This scene here is now this…


I think it’s a bit of a step-up.


But, this did have that “open” feeling as well. When I’m tempted to be frustrated that the house still isn’t finished, it’s good to look back and see just how far it’s come.


And, it’s also good to remind myself of the above scenario when I begin to look for another potential property that we could buy and fix up “a little”.  Well played, old photos. Well played.

To see more pictures of this remodel, go here.
To see more finished pictures of the home, go
here or here

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