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Le Garden is in. And so are the bunnies.

Dear Bunnies of Oklahoma:

Right now, you are totally on my naughty list. True-you are really fuzzy and cute. True-you have adorable, tiny noses that spazz out over the simplest smell.


And, true-your jet black eyes make my heart melt.


However, cute little bunnies-after I have tilled the soil…


…planted dainty little plants…


…why do you don ninja masks and incessantly choose to nibble on my plants in the darkness of the night?!


You kind’ve make me feel like this. And I don’t like feeling like this. Don’t make me get the rubberband gun. 


A concerned gardening citizen

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Garden Critter Deterrent-Bunnies in particular

My garden is well underway. Weeks of planning, preparation and coddling have brought me to this point. My vegetables are in the beautiful black earth, soaking up the nutrients from my composter. The gathered rainwater is providing the moisture and my song is providing the incentive to grow.

However, there is a devil afoot.


Sure, he looks cute. Sure, he’s furry. Sure, I even talked about how wonderful it was to have a bunny in my backyard.

But did you know that bunnies also like to eat my plants-the ones that I’ve toiled over, loved on and kept safe from hail storms? Bunnies love to nibble-and I will admit, they look pretty darn cute doing so-but they are destroying my garden. Something must be done!


Enter Garlic Salt and Chili Pepper in mass quantities. Bunnies do not like sniffing these two substances. In fact, they tell the other bunnies to stay far away.


I sprinkle a little of each around the base of my plants and around the perimeter of my garden.


As the bunny checks the wind for potential vegetable and leafy prey, the garlic and chili pepper reach their delicate noses and they take off for greener, less spicy pastures.

I reapply the spices after a heavy rain.


I don’t mind sharing. But after three destroyed pepper plants attributed to this very cute little bunny, I chose to go the humane route and spice it up.

Let’s not talk about the alternative offered by Biceps.


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