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PW’s Action Sets-Biceps Style

I can spend numerous hours clicking away at layers, color options, exposure settings and Action Sets inside of Photoshop CS5. I have fallen in love with the Pioneer Woman’s Action Sets. With the click of a button, Action Sets provide a basic foundation for a photo that can then be adjusted to your heart’s content.

I will be using my handsome hubby, Biceps, as my subject matter while I show off PW’s Action Sets. (He’s easy on the eyes and bites a lot less than the kittens…)

This is the RAW image straight from my camera. No adjusting has happened to this sweet face, yet.


Wanted for Handsomeness: Biceps
Reward: Icecream

I know, I’m a dork in love. At any rate, this is the Vintage Action Set in all its glory. I did lighten the photo a little, because Biceps was getting lost in the dark.


I used the Fresh and Colorful Action Set on this photo and adjusted the light layer to “vivid light”.


This is the Old West Action Set. It’s not the favorite choice for this photo, but I think it would come in handy for horse/barn/state fair applications. Cowboy hats, turkey legs and roller coasters need this action set.


I’m so partial to vintage photos, this might be my favorite. This Seventies Action Set is a bit of an unsung hero, washing out photos and not immediately catching the eye. But, I think this set brings a nostalgic feeling to most photos without overdoing it.

Thanks, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, for creating Action Sets that we can all use for free. I give a tip of the hat to you and a simultaneous bowing curtsy-which is rather hard to do if you think about it.

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Look what I got!

I have been pinching my pennies for a long time, hoping to upgrade into Photoshop CS3 or better. What I wasn’t expecting was for Biceps to come across Photoshop CS5 on craigslist last night.
The seller was asking $325 for the whole kit and caboodle.
Since it was after the witching hour, Biceps offered to go across town, while I stayed snuggled in my PJ’s.


He returned a few minutes later with this. Holy crap. It was really mine.
And, the best part-that savvy husband of mine negotiated the seller down to $300.


Everything was intact and working perfectly. I was more excited than a bear at a bee farm.


As I learn new tricks, I’ll be sharing them with you, dear readers. It’s going to be a fun journey.
But, instead of doing anything worthwhile with it today, I’ve mainly been playing.
And that’s why you are seeing even more of my weirdness. Hope you enjoy.

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Snaptures Changes!

Since January, I haven’t been able to blog for any of you. My website seemed to die overnight and I was left to pick up the pieces. After many months of trying to repair it on my own-unsuccesfully, then moving into the realm of hiring someone to build my site, and then many more months of manually importing all of my old posts…I now have a functioning website.

During the interim, I didn’t forget my passion and continued prepping for the day that I would blog again.


Camera by my side, I kept shooting, waiting for the day to be near you once more in cyberspace.


So, here’s a little of what happened while we’ve been apart:

I have been photographing couples, families, babies…and of course, this cute dude with his guitar.


I’ve been busy writing my column, “Together in Tulsa” which is featured online and in print with This Land Press. I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful couples, learn their stories through interviewing them, and of course photograph each one.


Of course, with two new kitties in the house, I’ve been busy photographing their antics. They are “heck on wheels” according to several sources. However, I think they are cute as all get out. Even when they give me a “drive-by-catting”-for no reason.


Lastly, I’ve been using different filters, effects and processes. Biceps is usually my guinea pig.


I will be covering several tutorials, sharing my latest portraits and links to my writing and published photographs. I can’t wait to see what creative shots you have come up with since I’ve been gone!

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Unconventional Photos

Making your subject at ease can be tough. I like to put the client in a familiar setting or position to help them relax. My subject was most at ease doing this-blowing a bubble.
Isn’t he just the cutest?

I liked the photo, but there were a few things that needed a fixin’. (That’s Okie talk…)

I didn’t like the chair sticking into the frame. I made a copy of the background and then cropped out the offender.

His skin looked a little flat, so I used the ‘diffuse glow’ function. It’s very flattering to skin tones-boys and girls alike.

He looks so darn purty now. But don’t tell him. He is very macho.

The overall color was too brown for me. I adjusted the levels using ‘color balance’ (found under the tab ‘Image’ and scrolling down to ‘adjustments’).

His eyes needed to pop a little more, so I lassoed both of those cute little suckers and clicked on the ‘Filter’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Sharpen’ and then choose ‘unsharp mask’ and adjust the amount, the radius and the threshold to your liking.
I learned this from Pioneer Woman. I like her. And her photo tricks.

Next, I wanted the bubble gum to stand out a bit more. I lassoed it and then clicked on the ‘Image’ tab and scrolled down to ‘Hue and Saturation’. I brought out the pink in the gum a little more.

Here is the cute finished product. I just love this little guy. However, he is my nephew after all, and I am a little biased.

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