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Bianca-Up Close and Personal

Maxwell is the one typically getting the camera’s attention. He’s a bizarre cat that does bizarre things which inspires me to document this bizarre behavior. All the while, pretty, delicate Bianca is sitting quietly in the background, preening herself and praying to the cat-gods that Max won’t attack her.


I decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot using a lens that I normally don’t use (ProMaster Spectrum Teleconverter Lens w/ Magnification of 2x, along with a Nikkor 50MM 1:1.8D).

And Bianca happened to be in the line of fire.


I set the camera to 400 ISO and used natural daylight to play with the lens’ depth of field. I loved how detailed the image could be, along with an intense depth of field.

Her paws are so dang cute.


Bianca’s pink little nose is one of my favorite things about her.

That and the fact that she isn’t stinky, like a certain other kitty.


Stepping back a few feet, I was able to capture her powerful green eyes. Sometimes, when she looks at me, I swear she is reading my mind…


Bianca has some of the longest whiskers I have ever seen on a kitty. When she sheds one of these, I’m tempted to make an ink pen out of it.


Soon, she bored of me and went back to sleep in her favorite position-on her back, with her front and back paws curled into rabbit position and her body wedged in the corner of the couch.

I guess she’s pretty bizarre, too.

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What happens when two artists Collide?

If you don’t already know, I write for the regional paper, ‘This Land Press’. I have a bi-monthly column called  “Together in Tulsa“. I like to find unique couples from Oklahoma and let them tell their story.

And because I am obviously so weird, the photos I take of the couple are weird.
My latest couple, Yiren and James Gallagher, are now online for your viewing pleasures.

Yiren and James Gallagher are both artists with talents including, but not limited to; art installations, painting, drawing, wood working, etc. Hop on over and read all about how they make it work together.

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My latest “Together in Tulsa” Couple-Zach & Jennifer

If you don’t already know, I have a bi-monthly column called ‘Together in Tulsa’ for the regional paper, ‘This Land Press’.

My column features unique couples from Oklahoma. And because I am so weird, the photos I take of each couple typically end up a little bizarre-or ‘different’-as my dad would say.

My latest couple were the Mangialomini’s (pronounced “Man-gee-uh-low-mini”). Zach and Jennifer Mangialomini are wonderfully approachable, quietly confident and recall a pretty hilarious and bizarre back story. Jennifer began as an aethist, transferred into a cult and finally found God. Zach was a slightly disillusioned Christian who-according to himself-struggles with handling social cues.

Together, the couple have three beautiful children and a marriage founded on something solid. Check out my whole article here at: This Land Press.

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My Latest Article-Ken & Shelley Umezawa

The Umezawa’s found their way into my email inbox via a friend of a friend of a friend. After a few back and forth conversations, they were soon being interviewed in my home and photographed in my backyard.

Their story is remarkable, as she is a cancer survivor and he-her support system.
Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Shelley assumed the lump seen in the mirror was nothing more than a cyst and was shocked when the doctor told her otherwise. She remembers allowing a few tears to slip onto the exam table, and then slowly walking to the lobby where her husband, Ken, had been waiting.
“The look on her face distracted me from what I was thinking,” recalled Ken. “She looked shocked and terrified, which isn’t a look you see from her very often. That made it real.”

You can read the rest of my article about Ken & Shelley Umezawa here, at This Land Press.

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