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The Green Tureen

Grandpa has decided to downsize, following the loss of his second wife. My parents flew out to help him pack up what he needed, sell things he didn’t need and clean the house he would be eventually selling.

And I reaped a few of the downsizing benefits..


Knowing my affinity for serving dishes and all things party related, Mom set aside a few things for me to enjoy. I fell in love with this immediately.


The Green Tureen sits proudly on my gigantic dining room table-mainly because I can’t bear the thought of hiding it away behind some cabinet door.


I may have to throw a soup and bread party just so that I can utilize its awesomeness. This must be honored and enjoyed by more than just me and the cats.


The platter that the Green Tureen sits on will be a conversational piece all on its own if the Tureen isn’t up for the event. I can picture cheeses, fruits, vegetables all gracing its beautiful green surface.


These are the only markings on the dish. I wish I knew more-how old it was, who made it, etc. For now, it remains a beautiful and glorious mystery that is begging to be useful.


Who wants to come over for some soup tonight?

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Two Parents, a Dog and a lot of PDA

My parents are visiting for the week! I love having them around. There’s something amazing about being totally accepted for your weirdness and finding the source to blame simultaneously. This is what they usually look like to me.


Mom tends to wear smaller sleeves, though.

I watched these two and their disgusting PDA all growing up. It was gross, then. But, I’m so very thankful for it now. They are one of the reasons that I’ll continue to smack Biceps on the backside every chance I get until I’m put in the grave.


I had an idyllic childhood-not perfect by no means-but pretty awesome. I wasn’t allowed to do everything I wanted to do, my parents weren’t my best friends-they were my parents, and I had to work for any luxury I wanted to own.
I have been spanked, banned from tv, written several thousand inches out of the dictionary to counterbalance my “misuse of words” (thanks for expanding my vocabulary, guys!), told mom I hated her-once (this did not go well), came home late from curfew, dated boys with mohawks..

But, I always knew that I was protected and loved. Even when I tossed my hair at them and said very sassy things. They loved me, no matter what.


Now that we’re all supposedly adults (I revert from time to time), we get to do this when they come to visit. Yes, we all wear really cool vintage outfits and drink beer.

Our relationship has changed from them being my parents into them being my best friends. I think that’s a good sign of parenting.

Now, it’s just good times, tons of food, and lots of fun. And the occasional beer.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Even though my parents are going through one of the most challenging times in their life (“an opportunity for growth” they say), they are putting it all behind them to come visit Biceps and I.

Well, us and the rest of the siblings. But, I believe it’s mainly about us.

I have big plans concerning big amounts of food to keep my dad fueled and big, delicious desserts to force my mom to stay awake past 8pm.

I am so excited to see their smiling faces. The end.

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A Tattered Bible, A Healthy Soul

My BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader often said that “a woman whose Bible is falling apart, isn’t.”

I loved this thought, mainly because my Bible is in shambles and I can’t bear to get a new one.


I mean look at it. I am kind of embarrassed when I tote this around and see fancy new Bibles with tabs, maps and concordances.


My parents bought this for me in 1995 right before I left for college. I was going through a huge emerald green phase due to the fact that it was my birthstone, and I had only recently discovered this fact. I asked for all things green that year for my birthday.


It has seen two colleges, four changed majors, one graduation, a first apartment, one broken engagement, two European trips, one marriage that is still going, three cats and 17 years.


How do you get rid of something like that?


Before too long, every word in this book will be underlined, highlighted and starred. Eventually, I may have to recover it.

As this book starts to look worn out, it’s owner becomes more and more full of life. This woman, whose Bible is falling apart, isn’t. Amen to that.

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