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Playing with my Food-Happy Faces

Do you ever notice patterns in your life? You tell the same jokes. You recount the same stories at parties as fall back conversation. You wear the same outfit relentlessly because you know it’s cute…

…you do weird things in the kitchen to creep other people out.


Like playing with your food when no one is looking…


…which eventually is so irresistible to others, they have to join you.


Lately, I’ve been noticing a pattern when I’m cooking in the kitchen.


It started off slowly.


But then continued to grow into an obsession.


Maybe it’s a lack of real faces surrounding me that prompts me to create ones from inanimate objects.


Whatever the cause, I love to see “happy faces” in my kitchen, whether animal, mineral or vegetable.


It seriously never gets old.



What weirdo thing do you do?

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