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My Hippie Parents Surprise Me Again

My upbringing was pretty unorthodox compared to today’s standards. I would have rather spent time at home, with my brothers and parents than anywhere else.

My parent’s had no health insurance, no credit cards, occasionally a t.v. set, one car (with a one car garage), and all our dinners were made from scratch-which we had together every night.


On top of that, my dad left a “stable” career being active duty military to pursue what God had asked him to pursue. My dad is not a fan of change-so this was not a flippant decision. Let’s just say the man duct-taped his flip flops when the broke, because the new ones probably were “too different”.

So, for several years, they left every weekend to preach and sing at tiny churches all over the midwest. They barely made anything, but they made enough.


Eventually, my little brother and I joined them-Daniel was on the juice harp and piano, while I sang duets with dad or the occasional solo when I could muster up the courage.


No matter what back road we were on, there was always time to pick sunflowers and explore barns.


While in college, my parents moved to El Paso for a few years to teach at a christian school just north of the border and then on to St. Louis to be with my Grandma (my dad’s dad).

And that’s where I thought they would land-forever. The had put down roots for almost 15 years, teaching at another christian school, opening a business and remodeling Grandma’s house.

But when you seek God as my parents do, you never know where He’s going to take you.


In two weeks, they are moving to Mississippi (which is awesome because I love to type all those “s’s”) to live and work here-The Baddour Center.

It’s a Non-Profit center that offers those with intellectual disabilities a safe place to live and work. It’s a cool program: they play intramural sports together, perform dramas, offer continuing education and music programs and even have a beautiful garden center.


(Photo Source: Baddour’s Website)
My dad has taken the job of Choral Director for the Center’s choir called, “The Miracles”. The group’s goal is “to glorify God, demonstrate the abilities of persons with intellectual disabilities, and tell the story of The Baddour Center.”

This job is going to fit my dad like a glove. He gets to put to good use his music and touring skills, taking the group to 90 different concerts throughout the year.


Just when I think I’ve got their future all figured out for them, God shakes things up and moves my hippie parents to another state.

Throughout all these changes in their lives, one thing has been certain. Their hearts seek after God-over comfort and familiarity. And they will go where He leads-no matter what.

What more could a girl ask for?


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Took a Week Off from ME for a Happier Thanksgiving

My personality, left to its own demise, is a get-it-done-right-now personality or lead others to do it with a strong arm. I am a high “D” in most aspects of my life-and if any of you don’t know what that is, here is a quick excerpt from Indy Smallbiz.

General Characteristics – High D’s are direct, decisive and very self confident

Communicating with a High D – They don’t like a bunch of detail, so you must be brief, direct and to the point.

Positive Characteristics of High D – They are good leaders and are great in crises. They consistently set and achieve goals. They are task orientated and can provide direction and push a group toward decisions. They are also willing to speak out and give their opinion, and they always see the big picture.

Weaknesses – They come off as blunt, direct and brash

Blunt. I’ve been called that a time or two. Ouch.


Each time my parents have visited in the past, I’ve had to go through a decompression time with Biceps. I talk through all the ways I failed to show unconditional love to my family, failed as a self-professed Christian and have inadvertently hurt someone with my words.


I try to justify my harsh responses when someone pushed me too far.

However, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45


Meaning, when I spew out awful things, it’s because my heart has been focused on awful things.

Yikes. That stings a mite.


Why is it so easy for me to focus on the negatives, when I have SO many positives in my life. Here is my list of positives that will become a cheat sheet for me next year:

1. Amazing, Godly parents and in-laws who are still in love.
2. A wonderful older brother who married a beautiful woman whom he loves and is faithful to.
3. A giving second older brother who would kick anyone’s butt that ever messed with me.
4. A younger brother who chose an awesome woman to marry, who works hard and understands my weirdness.
5. A hot husband who puts God first, me second, our families third, the cats fourth and everything else after that.
6. My health and the ability to wake up every morning and move around on my own two feet.
7. A God who has forgiven me, my stupid mess of a life and who loves me more than I can imagine.
8. The list goes on and on. You get the idea.

What is your cheat sheet for next year?

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Grandma Broke Her Neck and her Nose and….

Dear Readers:
I have heard from many of you through private emails that you are encouraged by the times I talk about God, his Word and his faithfulness. Today, I am reaching out to those that call God their Lord and asking for prayer.


My sweet, wonderful Grandma-who is going to be 97 next month-broke her neck, busted her nose, managed to get two black eyes and lacerated her noggin.

She was doing extreme sports, getting ready for the upcoming snowboarding season and didn’t quite stick her landing.


She’s a tough old bird and didn’t go down without a fight. As she crawled to the phone, she left a trail of blood behind her. I’m telling you, she’s tough.

The doctors have said it’s a miracle she survived, let alone survived without being permanently paralyzed. We know just who had His hand in that. I don’t think she’s ready to go home, she still has so much she wants to do here on earth.


After all, we are promised 120 years, so she’s got at least another 23 years of active participation in this life. (I secretly think she is waiting for me to pop out a great-grandkid or two.)

So, please be praying for her quick recovery and the ability to go home soon. Thanks so much!

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Vintage Bubble Dishes & UPS

My adorable parents sent me 10 boxes in the mail while “stationed” in Phoenix helping Grandpa downsize. It felt like Christmas morning when I happened to go to my front porch to grab some basil, and there was a gigantic stack of boxes with my name on them.

(You couldn’t knock, UPS man, and let me know? Geesh. I found out soon enough the quality of the UPS delivery man, however.)


Granted, most of the boxes had broken dishes in them. Thanks, UPS.

However, a few survived.


And they were gorgeous. My Grandma had good taste.

Enough survived that I could at least entertain with.


My Grandma passed away while my family (and I) were still living in Germany. I really never got to know her. I don’t have much from her, except a few pictures and a quilt she made for me as a baby.


But, now I have dishes that she once used. Or, at least the ones that weren’t smashed to smithereens.


And I am in love. I can’t wait to have a party and put these dishes to good use.


“New” Vintage Bubble Dishes seem like a good excuse to have a party. But really, any excuse is a good excuse for me to have a party.

So, who wants to come over?

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