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A Plethora of Friday Men

I may have bit off more than I can chew. I decided it was high time to met all of these men my husband is hanging out with every day at “work”-and their wives.

Possessed by insanity, I said to Biceps, “Sure, invite all 30 guys (and wives and kids) over to our house on Friday. I’ll cook up some spicy chili.”


Sounds easy enough, right? And then I realized these men are MEN and won’t be eating one measly little “serving” of chili.

They’ll probably want two or three servings, if not more-and let’s not forget the wives. All in all, I’ll need enough for maybe 60+ servings. And then I began to make my grocery list.


Photo Source-Amazon.com
I’ve decided in order to offset the cost of aforementioned grocery bill, I will be shooting a firefighter’s calendar that same evening, unbeknownst to my guest.

I will be taking orders*.

*you better know that I am kidding.

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On Fire, Mr. Fireman

Dear Readers:
Everything in our life has changed and I have been allowing bits and pieces of our changing lives as we transition from Touring the country with musician types to staying at home with normal types..
Well, scratch that. No one we hang out with is quite normal. Except you, Mom. You are soooo normal. (And I learned all my “normalness” from you.)
But, here we are with our lives changing overnight as Biceps pursues a career in fire fighting. Don’t worry, he’s not throwing in the towel on writing music and what-not. He just found a career that suited his fancy and still allows time for music.
And I thought you should have an up close and personal look at my man. In his fire fighting outfit.


Because he’s hot.
Every pun intended.

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Ancient Fire Station in New York

Biceps and I have been keeping a secret from all of you, dear readers.
We want to start a family. Let’s be honest-I’m gettin’ old.
But in order to do that, we knew we had to make some radical changes. Biceps went back to school, got his EMT certification and is on the path to become one of Oklahoma’s finest Firemen.
Mustache and all.

He is volunteering at a local station in Oklahoma while we’re home. But financially-it’s just that-a volunteer position. While we are pursuing this career switch and waiting on a paid position, we are still touring around with stinky bands. Due to all of this, our little eyes have become more keen on fire stations around the country.


This fire station (built in 1895) is one of the oldest and hottest fire stations in New York. Tee hee.


It’s been converted into a venue-which is why we were here with the band.


Our fire stations back home are mostly made out of the same thing that our churches, cattle yards and strip malls are built out of-gigantic metal buildings with absolutely no character.


Nothing like this.
Bicep’s mustache grew an extra centimeter just laying his eyes on this here station. And my heart skips a beat thinking about the possibility of our life being somewhat “normal” and pro-creating. So, my dear readers-there you have it: our big secret. I know you’ve all been wondering about us and why we’ve waited for so long. Wonder no more…

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