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A Plethora of Friday Men

I may have bit off more than I can chew. I decided it was high time to met all of these men my husband is hanging out with every day at “work”-and their wives.

Possessed by insanity, I said to Biceps, “Sure, invite all 30 guys (and wives and kids) over to our house on Friday. I’ll cook up some spicy chili.”


Sounds easy enough, right? And then I realized these men are MEN and won’t be eating one measly little “serving” of chili.

They’ll probably want two or three servings, if not more-and let’s not forget the wives. All in all, I’ll need enough for maybe 60+ servings. And then I began to make my grocery list.


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I’ve decided in order to offset the cost of aforementioned grocery bill, I will be shooting a firefighter’s calendar that same evening, unbeknownst to my guest.

I will be taking orders*.

*you better know that I am kidding.

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