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Vintage Bubble Dishes & UPS

My adorable parents sent me 10 boxes in the mail while “stationed” in Phoenix helping Grandpa downsize. It felt like Christmas morning when I happened to go to my front porch to grab some basil, and there was a gigantic stack of boxes with my name on them.

(You couldn’t knock, UPS man, and let me know? Geesh. I found out soon enough the quality of the UPS delivery man, however.)


Granted, most of the boxes had broken dishes in them. Thanks, UPS.

However, a few survived.


And they were gorgeous. My Grandma had good taste.

Enough survived that I could at least entertain with.


My Grandma passed away while my family (and I) were still living in Germany. I really never got to know her. I don’t have much from her, except a few pictures and a quilt she made for me as a baby.


But, now I have dishes that she once used. Or, at least the ones that weren’t smashed to smithereens.


And I am in love. I can’t wait to have a party and put these dishes to good use.


“New” Vintage Bubble Dishes seem like a good excuse to have a party. But really, any excuse is a good excuse for me to have a party.

So, who wants to come over?

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Retro Refrigerator Dishes

I have an addiction. I can’t stop. My hubby has tried to get me to quit. But, I just can’t. I want to stop-mostly because I am running out of cabinet space.

But, how can you say no to these?

They’re bright, they’re fun, they stack on top of each other. You can’t argue with my logic here. And when I see them all alone at the flea market, the wallet starts to come out.

These dishes come from a time when Pyrex was still a trusted brand. A time when you knew they wouldn’t possibly explode in the microwave. A time when they made things in primary colors, just for fun.

And these two cute little dudes? They hold leftover veggies or sauces or whatever you need them to, even if it’s sauerkraut.
They are up for the challenge.


“Hey, Rebekah! Thanks for giving us a home. And we promise never to leach toxic chemicals into your food, like those plastic guys do.”-Mr. Pyrex Dish.
How sweet! He cares about toxins going into my food. What a kind dish.

“Hey, who are you calling toxic?!”-Mr. Plastic Tupperware.
“Hey, if the shoe fits, Plastic Boy…”-Mr. Pyrex Dish.
Oh, dear. This could get ugly. What’s Mr. Pyrex Dish doing? He’s coaxing Mr. Plastic Tupperware closer.


“Crunch, munch, slurp…”-Mr. Pyrex Dish.
I had no idea my glass dishes could be so protective.

“BURP!”-Mr. Pyrex Dish.
Oh my. That is something no one should ever have to see. I need to get back to some happier times.


Ah…that’s better. Serenity now.
And I don’t think there’s any hope of me changing anytime soon.

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