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See what the Lord has done

I have truly missed being able to regularly blog. I enjoy sharing new crafty ideas with you, offering home remodeling tips, recipes for you to try, and just sharing a bit of my weird life.

I know things will get back to a new normal and I will be creating, cooking and remodeling with fervor. But for now, my most memorable times are spent staring at this.


Birdie in Strawberr

all photos courtesy of Greiman Photography
I’ve realized a few things about parenting that I’d heard from other parents but dismissed as farcical. However, what all those crazy parents have told me is true.

Parenting is the most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done. I never thought I would say that. It seemed a necessary task in order to one day have that intelligent conversation with your 25 year old that finally admits you were right about everything. The in between stuff-the spit-up, dirty diapers, messy house, potty training, loads upon loads of laundry-was something that I thought I would have to get through. Instead, I find myself embracing each moment with our daughter, praying over her constantly, smiling while she’s screaming-because she’s finally here and she has a voice.

Birdie & Dad 2
Parenting has made me fall more and more in love with my husband every day. I knew Biceps was ridiculously awesome–that’s why I said “yes” after only four months of dating. What I didn’t know about my sweet man was that he was a natural at nurturing. I’ve watched Biceps hold our baby girl as she spits up onto his arm, and he doesn’t flinch. He’ll scoop the drool from her mouth and wipe it onto his own clean shirt. He joyfully changes her diapers and makes up songs to entertain her while doing so. He rushes home from the fire station so he can hold his baby girl. This man who couldn’t get any better–did.


Birdie toes
Parenting has caused me to better understand the gravity of Christ’s sacrifice for me. I would do anything to protect my Birdie. Anything. I would lay down my life if it meant she would live. I don’t think I every fully grasped why Christ did what he did for me until I became a parent. I thought Christ was perhaps a little extreme and slightly crazy to sacrifice himself for someone as flawed as me. Now, I know why. He took on my sin, knowing I would continue to sin and disappoint him. He did that because of his incredible love for me. Have you recognized and understand what the Lord has done for you? What have you learned as a parent?

“Just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Ephesians 5:2


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Efficient Baby Rearing

For all of those Mom’s out there that are tired, without makeup, half-starved…I have a pretty easy to follow and “Efficient Baby Rearing” technique.

All of the books that I read before pregnancy were right on. You DON’T have to give up your life because a little one has been added to the fold. You and your mate were there before baby was there. There is no need to make adjustments-the baby will just need to fall in line.

So, here are the techniques laid out for you.

1. Working out.

-The pressure to regain your post-baby  body is warranted. How do you expect to keep your mate if you give yourself recovery time? Continue working out immediately after the baby has been born-prepare for bikini season. If you took care of yourself and you are in good shape, there is no reason that you can’t be back doing double-unders in Crossfit immediately and looking like this….

80s Ladies



2. Wear the clothes you love and not the ones that you can easily nurse in/cover up spit-up/are stretchy.

-Why change your wardrobe to suit the needs of your child? They should understand if you have to completely disrobe in a public setting, (i.e. a friend’s birthday party) in order to nurse.

Dinner Party


3. Continue “running into” stores.

-The baby should understand that you have 5 errands to run and two hours to do them in. If the baby poops its drawers or is hungry-they will just have to wait. You  are teaching them patience and responsibility.

Bubble Vintage Sale


4. Ensure the baby sleeps only in its crib.

-It’s a bed. They should sleep in it. And unless you’re like me (frugal), you spent several hundred dollars for this bed. There is no reason they should prefer the car seat, the swing, your chest, your bed or anywhere else to their crib. It’s just not logical. Their crib or the highway.

Baby's Room


5. Sometimes, babies just cry. Let them.

-Only a namby-pamby woos picks up their kid after they’ve cried for several minutes. Let them cry. They’ll (and you) will be fine.

Birdie Crying



6. Continue to eat a well-balanced diet–and not some weird, cobbled together reheated-but-now-cold meal.

-What’s stopping you from cooking that well-balanced meal? The baby sleeps around 18 hours a day, according to the books I’ve read. That means you can prepare at least two gourmet meals. What else do you have to do?

Vintage Wife Cooking



7. Nursing is so natural and so easy.

-You don’t really need to know what you’re doing-you were made for this. Embrace all instruction, because it could be right. Don’t worry about the ramifications.


8. As soon as possible, allow the baby to “entertain itself”.

-Babies practically raise themselves. The less you coddle them, the more they’ll learn to be independent. They’re really not that cute. You can walk away.

Birdie Farmers Mkt


That’s about it. If you follow these techniques, you’ll do great as a parent. If not…well, you’ve screwed up another entire generation. No pressure.


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10 Reasons I’ve become a bad friend…blogger…Crossfitter…

It’s amazing how life can change on a dime. Who knew that having a baby would make every single one of my priorities change? This fact is no surprise to those of you who already have children-but to me, it’s earth shattering.

Things that were once super important to me-having my hair done (or at least combed), makeup on, clean underwear…are of little consequence at this point. While some new mothers blissfully nurse, keep a clean house and ultimately win at being awesome…I’m struggling to get Birdie to sleep in her own bed.
Birdie Farmers Mkt
And once something like this is in your arms, little else matters. I pretended to understand this when I was childless. However, there is no way I could have grasped the fulfillment I would receive from changing a stinky diaper.

The ginormous amounts of diapers that have flowed through my hands is one explanation to the reason that I’ve become a bad friend, blogger, Crosfitter, daughter, etc…

Here are a few more:


Milk Cow
1. Typically, if you call me, I am in the middle of feeling like this. Not the woman with makeup on in the pretty dress. Look a little more to your left. There. The animal with the tail and fur-that’s me.



Birdie Crying
2. This is reason #2 that I’m a bad friend. High-pitched screaming and phone calls do not mix.


Dirty Diaper
3. While I had my hands in this, (literally-it was IN this), you may have called, texted or stopped by. Sanitation must occur before touching anything. I apologize for being unavailable.
Messy house
4. My house may look like this, sans Whataburger cups. For a self-admitted “neat freak”, letting you see my house in this disarray would have challenged all that I know to be sacred.


Rebekah Hair
5. I’d love to go on a walk, get a cup of coffee, or hang out. However, this is also how I may have appeared. No one should have to deal with this.


Rebekah hands crossfit
6. Crossfit was my oasis before Birdie. It challenged me, pushed me to my limits and physically altered my body. Now, getting a good burp out of Birdie is my victory for the day. A good toot out of her is another.


7. If I have a moment to respond to an email or text, or if I want to blog-I’m doing it all with one hand. The other is occupied holding Birdie, (a job much envied by all grandparents).


vintage listening
8. My brain is half-functioning, sleep is weirdly sporadic, food is scarce and my interpersonal skills are suffering. I apologize for stinking it up in the listening department, dear friend.


9. If I have some downtime, I’d like to do this. It rarely happens, but the thought of it-although it is perhaps unattainable-seems magnificent.


Birdie asleep
10. However, if I have any downtime at all, you may find me instead staring at this. Can you blame me?

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Four Weeks to Go. (Installment #4 from Baby Greiman)

You’ve done some weird things lately. And I’d like the world to know what just what you’ve done.


1. You’ve sung to me in the middle of the night while I am trying to enjoy my 15th round of hiccups.
2. You’ve cried while rocking-in what I assume will be-my rocking chair. For no reason. While holding an ancient stuffed lamb with an internal jingly bell in its head. Should I be concerned that you are not emotionally stable?


80s Ladies
3. You keep trying to work out and I keep telling you to stop it. I don’t like it. Even these 3 mile walks are not my cup of tea. Can’t you tell I’m trying to sleep in here?


4. You’ve videoed me while I was trying to get comfy in your tiny belly. Could you expand a little and give a brutha/sista some more room?


5. I have a list of things I need to get done when I get “on the outside”. Do you think we could speed this process up a little bit-why do insist on keeping me inside?


Garden Produce
6. And last, but not least, you’ve taken to eating huge amounts of vegetables. I’d like a burger once in awhile-with cheese, ketchup, pickles and lettuce. I appreciate you cramming me full of folic acid and vitamin A. But, I have a feeling the lineage of the Greiman’s raising angus cattle has somehow crept its way into my blood. Sorry, veggie mom. I’m a carnivore. And I’m hungry.


Graduation-Bicep's Awards, Kayle, Rebekah
Other than that, I’m totally happy and can’t wait to meet you and dad. I think.

Baby G.

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