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Living Room Decisions-HELP!

The living room is painted and decor is on the wall (mostly of the gold variety).

Living Room

However, there are still no curtains hanging over the windows and my nesting mode is kicking into high gear. What would you recommend as far as draperies?


Dining Room

For now, we are keeping the dining room table and the rug pictured here…



…and the rug pictured in here.


Living Room
And, we’re keeping the couches until another one or two fall into our laps. So-do we go with a bold color for drapes, a non-descript white, a pattern, something vintage…what?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Weigh in!



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Cutesy & Cheap Mod Curtains

My bay windows gladly invite the 100 degree temperatures into my sweaty office.
Although Cowboy loves to bask in the suns UV glory, I do not.
Searching for curtains and fabrics left me empty handed.
Nothing suited my fancy and my office was getting
unbearable by the second.
Something must be done!

I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and create a ‘Rebekah original’.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own curtains:
A couple different colors of spray paint-I used gold, black & white
Wax Paper
Blue Tape
Either sew your own or buy some cheap plain curtains (If found my thermal light blocking curtains at Target for $12 a piece. You can’t beat that!)

I decided to go with a tree theme for my curtains. Ripping my blue tape down the center, I began placing the tape on the fabric at my creative leisure. (Ripping the tape not only conserved the amount that I used, but also gave the trees a bark-like look.)
Only do one curtain at a time so that you can reuse your blue tape!

I wanted gold to be the dominate color on my curtains, so I sprayed the majority of the trees this color.
Let your spray paint dry.
Remove several pieces of your blue tape and create smaller trees next to and even on top of the original ones.

Spray your secondary colors on the smaller trees until you are satisfied with the look.
I used black and white to be my secondary colors.

Let’s add a little pizzaz to the whole tree motif, shall we? Using your wax paper and your sharpie, create a design that suits your fancy.
I liked the simplicity of these little birds and made two different size ‘tweeters’ just to be crazy.

Tape your wax paper onto your fabric and spray paint whatever color you desire.
I used all three of my colors for these little birdies-gold, black and white.
There is no right or wrong way to do this. I did each of my three curtains completely different and loved them all the same.

Here’s the final product after letting the curtains dry. Although, my office still faintly smells of spray paint…
Maybe that’s why I am so loopy.

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