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Need a Morning Cup of Coffee?

Dear Readers:
Biceps and I awaken WAY before the sun comes up. At about 4:50 a.m., my body and both kittens inform me that the alarm is coming in just a few minutes-due to the coffee pot clicking on and beginning its brew cycle. There is something you should know about me, my dear reader: I hate alarms, but I love coffee.

And I guess the term “hate” is not a good enough description when it comes to alarms. I detest them. I would love to live in a world where there are no alarms. Ever. Until the end of time.


I am a morning person, so you’d think I would love alarms. But, little known fact-I am also a night person. Basically, if I didn’t have to sleep, I wouldn’t.

However, that annoying little sound telling me what I have to do and when I have to do it just bugs me. I don’t agree with it. Not one bit.


The only thing that will immediately put me in a good mood after the abrupt alarm is the smell of lovely coffee brewing from a few feet away. Any other way you are ordered to wake up is just inhumane.

Mind you, I’ve eaten guinea pig brains. I’ve broken my arm in a foreign country and performed an entire sword fighting scene in a cast. I’ve had Taco Bell Nachos come back out of my body through the orifice of my nasal cavity. I know what it’s like to suffer.

But, mornings without coffee is mere torture and it’s just plain stupid to suffer that way.


This is what life looks like for me without coffee. Contemplative. Stressful. Full of anxiety-but, of course, still wearing cute shoes.


And this is me with a cup of coffee coursing through my veins, interacting with my brain stem, enriching my life. Comforting my cold hand with its warmth.

I don’t care if it has caffeine or not. I just need some dang hot coffee.

If you are anything like me-Good morning to all of you out there that have suffered through another alarm! I hope you’ve had your chance to make yourself a cup of coffee.

Love-Rebekah (as she sips her coffee)

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There once was a decent looking princess….

…who lived high up in a beautiful castle that was built by her father. She loved her castle and rarely, if ever, wanted to leave. She enjoyed her time at the castle with her brothers and her parents-the King and Queen. They were fair and just and were loved by all the land. But one day, her parents decided that it was time the decent looking princess left home to see more of the world and to begin a search for just the right prince.


With a heavy heart, she saddled up her white horse and took her most prized possessions to keep her company on her long journey-her black panther-“Oreo”, her favorite red dress and her most cherished books. She knew her journey would be a long one and also brought her favorite provisions to satisfy her hunger-a side horn of coffee, several types of cheese and a few bottles of her favorite wine.


First, the decent looking princess had to cross the Great Ravine that divided her country from her neighboring country. Although the two countries were friendly, she knew that she was no longer under the protection of the King and Queen. She marched on in search of new things to see, new foods to eat and perhaps a prince worthy of the decent looking princess’ love.


After a brief bathroom break or two, and a picnic of cheese and wine, the princess made it into the neighboring country’s market place late in the evening. She saw foods never before experienced, heard dialect never before spoken, purchased fine clothing not available in her own country-and also found a great coffee shop to warm her cold hands.


While gazing upon the city, she heard soft music coming from below. She had never heard this type of music before and curiosity took hold. The decent looking princess searched the market place until she found the source of the new music. Standing before her with a sitar in hand, a crown on his head and a lovely smile, was what she knew would be her prince. For weeks, the princess enjoyed several of his musical performances throughout the city and the two quickly fell in love.

The prince and the decent looking princess were soon married and lived happily ever after. The end.

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Ole Miss and ‘Ol Mr. Ornery

Being pent up on a tour bus for hours on end can make one crazy. Arriving in a new city just as the sun is coming up, and the world is still asleep, (and of course, there is fresh coffee at hand…)
…that time of solitude makes the long drives worth it.

Ole Miss (Oxford, Ms), is a cutesy little city straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

As soon as we arrived, we grabbed a cup of coffee…

…and had our run of the town-as its inhabitants slept.

When you throw a little caffeine in Biceps after driving all night, he starts to get extra wily.
Especially in front of his most preferred audience of one-me.

He started by jumping into the frame over and over. That’s his blurry, cute face in the frame far left.

And then he started doing this with his coffee cup-over and over and over and over and over….

Boy, did he think he was hilarious.

Knowing he would continue to do this with each shot, I decided to dig into this man’s psyche.
After a thorough analysis, I was able to comprehend the motivation for the orneriness.

Like a little kid, he just wanted his picture taken.
My cute, ornery man can be so easily appeased sometimes.

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