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Getting my Cheap Thrills on TV

Dearest Readers:

Unbeknownst to you, I’ve been berry, berry sneaky. I kept a secret from all of you-which is very hard for me to do.

Completely unrelated, set your DVR to record Fox 23’s Great Day, Green Countrythis morning at 10 am. 

That is a direct order.

I suppose I did ok?

You know how I’m always sweating it up while being taped LIVE on Fox23’s “Great Day, Green Country“? I’ve surmised that the producers of the show got wise to my pit sweat and-instead of being on live tv-they chose to shoot on location at my favorite vintage store in Tulsa-Cheap Thrills.


Lacey Lett, of “Great Day, Green Country“, and I had a girl’s day last week. We tried on all sorts of fun vintage dresses while being taped for the show that will air this morning. We laughed at the 70’s gold lame pantsuits, we cried when a favorite on the hanger wasn’t a favorite on the body, and we all avoided my awkward pit sweat.


As soon as the video is posted on “Great Day, Green Country’s” website, I will post it right here for your viewing pleasure! But, for now-you have some shopping to do.

♥ ♥ ♥

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