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Vintage Christmas Gift Ideas

There are some things from the past that I adore. To name a few: the fancy dresses, matching hats, women in gloves and chromed-out muscle cars.

However, there are a few things from the past that I hope will never be repeated. Corsets, cod liver oil and women being treated as “less-thans”…

…along with these marketing ideas for Christmas gifts.


Why not light up alongside Santa this year? After all, most doctors agree it’s good for you.


How did this every fly with the public?


But, I suppose if famous actor and President were handing these out as gifts, one might believe they are actually good for you.


And they’re probably ok to smoke around your infant, I’m sure.

Maybe you already have plenty of cigarettes. Instead, how about receiving a lovely appliance for Christmas, ladies?


She looks pretty happy about it.

But, what do you get your guy that has just about everything?


A gun of course!

Oh wait. I did that several years ago for Biceps. I guess some of these vintage Christmas gift ideas aren’t that bad….

Merry Vintage Christmas. Light one up!

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