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My Lil’ Helpers-Cute Overload.

Often, when I’m in the middle of a project, I have two great helpers right by my side. They don’t offer tools, advice or lend a hand. And I realize that I have a problem.


They mesmerize me with their cuteness. Take this pose by Maxwell. I call it the “Supercat”.


Maxwell Supercat
He excels at this pose. With dangling feet mid-air, he encompasses both the regality of a superhero along with the fuzzy laissez-faire attitude one expects from a cat.


As if to further solidify his laissez-faire attitude, when caught photographing my Supercat subject, I am greeted with this obviously smug face. “What? Are you adoring me again? Oh, go on.”


Then, there is this white beauty who quietly watches me from the other side of the room. She knows she’s pretty, she expects treats for any good deed she performs and she will deceptively steal twine as you are trying to wrap a present.


However, she gets away with it because of these. I’m not kidding. These adorable little mittens get her out of all sorts of trouble. I think I’ve spanked her a total of 5 times in her life-and felt guilty every time.

If I can’t even discipline these lil’ helpers, I think I have no hope for disciplining my pre-destined “Supercute” children. I hope Biceps is stronger than I am.




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Touching Tuesday’s

My lovely parents and their sweet little dog left my home yesterday-taking my heart with them. To ease the pain of missing them, I threw myself into cleaning the house, changing the sheets, washing the towels and piling the dog hair into the trashcan.


Although Max had entertained himself by pestering the dog for the last two weeks, I think he was a little torn up to see her go.


He spent most of the afternoon looking for the dog, meowing from room to room. He needed a little reassurance from his best friend, Bianca.


She was more than happy to cuddle up to her best friend, clean his dirty paws and fall asleep purring in his gigantic muscly arms.

It was pretty touching.

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Observing the Sabbath

This is my plan for what will be going on in our house today. After a visit from the parents, several family get togethers, church and a picnic in the park-Biceps and I need some down time.

For a time, there will be snuggling.


Then, if one of us is a little rowdy (Max), we will go to our separate corners.


And while I write, Biceps will probably fall asleep on my lap and twitch his way to dreamland.

I call this a pretty perfect way to observe the Sabbath. Even God rested, why shouldn’t we?

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Captions Needed-Cute Animal Photos

I’m a big dork, in case you haven’t figured that out. I love making up captions for pictures of cute animals. I thought maybe I would see what you, my dear readers, would come up with for the following three photos.


No. 1

My first thought was, “What do you say about a drink back at my place?”

What do you think?


No. 2

This is my BFF’s dog, Mabel. She happens to be one of my favorite pups.

I wonder, what is that tiny head thinking about?


No. 3

And finally, this is Max-totally passed out. I have a feeling he’s thinking, “Leave me alone.” But, I could be wrong.

What do you think?

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