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Color Saturation and Contrast

Using Photoshop, I did a few quick little fixes to the following two photos. It didn’t take me more than a few minutes to have a product that I was happy with.

I boosted the saturation and increased the contrast and…..

Voila! The flowers petals emerging from the cactus are much more dramatic in this revamped shot. And you know that I am a fan of the dramatic…
Let’s look at another example, using the same basic steps.

This photo is flat, lifeless…but once you boost the saturation and add a little contrast….

The colors leap from the photo, as God intended them to do. Or at least I think He would approve.
I am kind of speaking for the most important Being in the whole world. I don’t know if I have the right to do that. I’d better watch myself.

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Weird Things Found in My Parent’s Basement

We stopped by my parent’s house for a visit. Per usual, I ended up in the ‘annex’ (the basement) looking through the strange treasures that have found their resting place. And for the first time, I began to question why my parents had certain items in their basement.

For example, a giant plywood cactus, decorated with Christmas lights.

Mom-‘Your baby brother needed it for something’.
Me-‘So, why do you still have it?’
Mom-‘He said he might need it again.’

This, of course was coming from a woman who was wearing what appears to be a mouse hat while beating on a drum.

And her weird entourage supported her statement. You can see why I feel incredibly alone sometimes.

I tried to come to grips with the fact that baby brother might still need this dragon mask.

…and this broken hula hoop.

… and this laser tag helmet.

But a snow white costume? This must have some explanation, I say.
Mouse Head-‘Baby brother wore it to school once’.
That was all the information I wanted to know about that subject.

Bagpipes. Yep. Weird.

The same could be said for the sombrero. Although it seems a little more normal.

But the duct tape duck? Definitely not normal, so I had to ask.
Mouse Head-‘That was for baby brother’s Duct Tape Birthday Party’.

Apparently, so were the duct tape chaps.

But this? A string of Rambo bullets? The Mouse Head shrugged.

And this construction barrel? Mouse head laughed and shrugged again. So I gave up wondering they ‘why’ of the situation and just enjoying the weirdness of it all.

I mean, look at what I am dealing with. It’s amazing I haven’t needed more therapy.

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