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From Midwest to Southwest…and back again

After the guys played a Music Festival late Saturday night, Biceps and I hopped into a tour bus and drove away…never to be heard from again. Unless you happen to read this blog or have contacted me by email, phone, text, facebook or twitter.
But other than that, almost no contact with the outside world.

This sweet little ride that has many miles under her belt. I have named her ‘Stripey Bus’. It’s pretty catchy, I know. I should probably look into trademarking the name.

Stir crazy after way too many hours on the bus, we vacated our ride to squat on a motel lawn, drinking wine from our red plastic cups.
We are the epitome of class.

But, as with most tours, it’s over before you know it. My only reminders of being away are photographs of the trip and a mountainous pile of mail waiting for me at home.
And a basketful of laundry.
And a wigged out cat.

At this point in the flight, I know it’s just a matter of minutes until I get to see my wigged out cat and feed him treats until his furry belly can take no more.

Things start to look familiar.

Even if they have burned to the ground.

Soon enough, I am here. I am home.
And I am probably making some sort of pizza. It’s become a rather anticipated and tasty tradition, marking the end of tour.

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What the heck is a CDL?

You see a driver’s license that looks different from yours.
So, you ask “What’s up with your license?”
They reply, “I have a CDL.”
So, what is that?

I have a Class B CDL with a Passenger (P) endorsement. There are three different classes a professional driver can have:  Class A, B or C. Without getting too technical, I’ll explain each of the classes with a link to fun elementary-type pictures. Because that’s how I learn best.

Class A: A combo of vehicles that weighs over 26,001 pounds either all at once or with something in tow. AND, what you’re towing has to weigh more than 10,000. Confused? This picture might help.

Class B: A single vehicle that weighs over 26,001 pounds. If you are towing something, it has to weigh less than 10,000. This is what I drive. A rectangle with wheels.

Class C: A vehicle that doesn’t fit into the first two classes, but carries a lot of peeps. Like a limo or a trolley. Below is supposed to be a limo. It’s the best I could do. Sorry.

That’s about it. There are a few other things, like if you’re transporting bombs or toxic stuff, you need to have another endorsement. But, I won’t get into the nitty gritty.   It’s boring, but it’s my life.

(Name that movie quote and you’ll get a star.)

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