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A Child is Born-Literally

So, this happened. And it was good. Real good.

A baby boy was added to the clan via my brother and sister in law. With his beautiful face, my heart was smitten.

Grandma’s heart was smitten. Bicep’s heart was smitten.
There was a lot of smittening going on. Yes, that is a word.

He had a few problems breathing right away, so he was encased in this awesome astronaut helmet that gave him some extra oxygen. Other than that, this little boy was/is perfectly fine and healthy.
He’s just traveling from arm to arm, smittening away. He’s doing a great job.

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Photographing a Live Birth A Weird First for Me.

Having no children myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect when a good friend asked me to photograph her delivery. But, I sucked it up and said, ‘Sure’ and then cried myself to sleep the night before.

This is that good friend.

This is that good friend’s hubby and my hubby being guys just before delivery. Sweet, aren’t they?

There was a lot of this going on. No screaming, thank the Lord. But the woman across the hall seemed to be having a worse go of things and wanted everyone in the hospital to know about it.
I wonder what kind of woman I will be when it’s my turn. The screamer or the quiet one? I’d bank on ‘screamer’.

After a lot of pushing, suddenly, I saw her. My heart stopped beating for a moment. How beautiful is this?

She was perfect. I blacked out anything you shouldn’t be seeing. (This is a PG site, after all).

Daddy was able to catch the baby and hold her before anyone else did.
The doctor let the Daddy have his moment.

So precious!

This little girl was wild. Look at those flailing arms and legs. I predict she will be a gymnast, or a ballerina, or a soccer player, or a drummer for a rock band, or whatever she wants to be.
She has amazing parents that will support her no matter what. Give me a moment and a tissue.

She sees daddy for the first time. Now is the moment it is declared that she has her daddy’s dimples.
Sniff, sniff.

She isn’t thrilled about the separation from her brand new parents. Baby joins the woman across the hall screaming about their situations.

And continues to scream as this stranger turns her brand new little pink feet all black. There was a bit of clawing going on. This girl is feisty.

Finally, the new little girl was returned to her brand new owners. And all was right in the world.
I survived my first live birth. I think I deserve a glass of wine. Don’t you?

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