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Vintage Drums and Dates

Biceps is the best husband ever. Hands down. Bar none. Don’t argue with me. He’s been that way for the entirety of our almost 13 years of marriage. I married up, and most of my family wouldn’t contradict that point. They know I’m right. With all of that said, Biceps is also a very focused man.


Cute Biceps
With baby #1 on the way, he has taken to a “nose-to-the-grindstone” mentality with work, school and providing for our family. The man never rests. Except from 11 pm to 5 am. Then–he’s out like a light and no amount of kitty wrestling, house alarms sounding or excessive use of the bathroom by yours truly (thanks Baby G) will wake him.


Vistalite Drums
We’ve been needing a little getaway before Baby G pops out into the world. However, I knew pulling Biceps away from his focus would be difficult.

Enter a craigslist for sale ad for Vintage Ludwig Vistalite Drums in a city just two hours away. As a wife, I just hit the jackpot.


Main Living-Norman B & B
Nothing motivates a musician more than the drums they’ve always dreamed about. Within hours, Biceps had found and secured a night at a Norman Bed and Breakfast.


Breakfast at Norman B & B
This beautiful little house was very affordable, it was all ours (no weird interaction with the owners or other guests), and stocked with yummy snacks.


Bedrooms2-Norman B & B
The best part was-they did not decorate with dolls, doilies or victorian pictures. Thank goodness.


Backyard-Norman B & B
If the weather hadn’t been so stinkin’ freezing cold, we would have used the hammock, the hot tub and the fire pit provided. Instead, we looked at it longingly from the safety and heated security of the inside-while eating cookies.


Biceps-Norman B & B
Biceps actually relaxed from his overwhelming schedule and donned a robe and house shoes. He sat for hours looking at old pictures with me and talking about our future with Baby G.


House Highlights-Norman B & B
Biceps bought his drums and we got our inexpensive, much-needed getaway. Take note ladies-if you are needing a getaway with your special man-pray that God prompts your hubby to look one more time at craigslist. And then pack a bag.



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A Lovely Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico

Typically, Biceps and I aren’t the Bed and Breakfast types. Here are some reasons why:
-We enjoy being freakish recluses while on tour.
-We love a 24 hour fitness room.
-And crazy enough, we like a private bathroom.

But every once in awhile, we feel the need to interact with normal human beings.
The kind of humans that wake up before noon and enjoy practicing proper hygiene.

This Bed and Breakfast, Lundeen Inn of the Arts, is situated in the historic district of Las Cruces, New Mexico and it is gorgeous. It was the answer to our mid-tour slump and the solution to our desire for a reciprocated conversation that had nothing to do with music.

After being showed to our room (complete with a private bath, mind you), the ‘hostess’ encouraged us to explore the surrounding property at will.
The meandering paths led us to cute outbuildings-surrounded by stucco walls and framed by desert landscapes.

We sat under the ancient trees in the courtyard which shadowed us from the midday desert sun and talked of the things we missed back home.
After being philosophical for way too long, we decided to retreat back to our room and enjoy the view of the Inn from our balcony.

But not before taking this shot of Biceps. This man is dangerously handsome.
Any who…the Lundeen Inn was a wonderful respite from the touring life. It almost made us feel like we were normal human beings once again.
Almost, but not quite. That just doesn’t happen overnight.

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