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Give-Away! My Inspirational Wrapped Canvas Prints

Dear Readers:
I’m going to get very real right now.

Momma (me) needs to make some money. Biceps took a huge cut in pay to become a firefighter and our budget is getting tighter every month. If you know anything about me, you know that I am one seriously frugal girl. We operate on a debt-free mindset (no credit cards) and are determined to be completely debt-free (student loans, our rent houses and our house) in six years or less.


I am making every homemade product for myself that I possibly can to save money. I considered selling these, but determined the profit margin wouldn’t be there for me while making it affordable to others.


6 Figure Moms
In the meantime, I did partner up with a line of inexpensive, non-toxic cleaning, beauty and household products that I believe in and am slowly building that business from home. But, that will take time.


We drive a paid for, slightly used (hah!) 8 year old van that badly needs new tires. I happily bike all over town so that we don’t have to buy a second car and so that I can burn some extra calories.

That said-I need a job and have been sending out resumes one right after another. This blog pays me diddly squat and being a self-employed writer is either feast or famine. And, as of yet, no one has offered to pay me to sit around looking cute. Dang them.


“The Harvest”
After talking with my mom this morning, she got my creative juices flowing. She reminded me of the prints with scriptures that I made for their bookstore and wondered if it wouldn’t be feasible for me to sell them through Etsy (which she pronounces Es-ty) or something similar.

I instantly thought this was a brilliant idea! I have decided to sell the following prints as wrapped canvas prints.

And, I’m giving one away to a lucky winner! Enter now for your very own FREE inspiration wrapped canvas prints.!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


“His Sheep”
These inspirational wrapped canvas prints are made from original photographs that I have taken around the country as I travel. Each photograph has a significant meaning to me, which I will share with you in a personalized note along with your order.

Now, here’s the lowdown-these wrapped canvas prints are totally customizable with your choice of inspirational saying, scripture, last name-whatever!

The canvas is either .75″ or  1.5″ deep, with the print bleeding all the way to the edges. The best part is-there’s no need to frame this. When you receive the wrapped canvas print, all you need to do is decide on where you want to hang it.


“His Pathway”
These make great gifts for pastors, friends, grandparents-and they look perfect at home or in the office.


“He is my Rock”
If you don’t happen to win this giveaway and still can’t live without one of these, here are a few prices for you to reference (but you can email me if you have a particular size in mind that I haven’t listed):

8 x 10- $49
10 x 14- $59
12 x 16- $64
16 x 20- $75
20 x 36- $169

*These prices include Free Shipping! Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your item.

“The Light”
Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts. I am excited to hear what you, my dear friends, have to say! Don’t forget to enter the give away!

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How to Freeze Beans and avoid BPA

Canned products are usually lined with BPA-a product known to cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, obesity, and insulin resistance, which can lead to Type II diabetes. I have decided to quit buying anything that comes in a can. This means no more canned beans.


Instead, I have fun with dried beans. I set aside a few hours in a day and call it my “Bean-Fest”. I put on Salsa music, grab a spicy apron and get to work.

Every burner and large pot that I have on hand is utilized, cooking legumes of every shape and size.

I follow the basic instructions in my cookbook on how to cook beans, but I cut out the salt and cut down the cooking time by 33%. Meaning, if it tells me to cook the beans for 1 1/2 hours-I only cook them for an hour, or just until they can be forcefully squished with a fork. You want the beans to be a little tough.


After draining the beans, I divide them in half, leaving half in the pot and the other half in the lid, allowing them to cool down. I also stir the beans from time to time to release the captured heat.

You could transfer them to another dish to cool faster, but since I don’t want to wash another dish-I opt for the above method.


Once the beans are cool, I measure out 2 or 3 cup increments into ziplock bags, depending upon how I use the beans and toss them in the freezer.

I measure 3 cups for my garbanzos in order to be ready to make my Hummus Among Us Recipe.


I measure out 2 cups for my red and black beans for salads or to accompany rice meals.


In order to use the beans, I allow them to thaw in the refrigerator for a good day before they are needed.

Voila! Ready-at-the-helm beans without an infestation of BPA. Kind of a win-win for very little work.


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