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Johnny (Cash) Knows What I Mean

This year has been a whirlwind of tours. We’ve crossed deserts, seen snowy mountains and experienced gorgeous sunrises. We’ve also seen some freaks, but met some nice peeps and overall-had a lovely 2010. Here are snippets of my top ten places we’ve visited from this last year.
I’ve been everywhere, man.

Number 1:
I love to play practical jokes on unsuspecting musicians. It helps them not take themselves too seriously. Plus, it makes me laugh.
Sort of a win-win.

Number 2:
Marfa, Tx is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. It’s filled with a unique art community that made us all feel right at home.

(photo courtesy of Malcolm Schuyl at http://www.wildvisions.co.uk)
Number 3:
I had a bit of a run-in with a snow goose while driving David Copperfield through the frozen tundra of Canada.

Number 4:
Visiting Sturgis, SD was quite the eye opener-complete with halter tops, leather chaps and helmets adorned with horns. Weird.

Number 5:
There are many things to love about Austin, Tx-and the  St. Cecilia Hotel tops the list.

Number 6:
Slapped in the face with a little dose of Mexican reality snapped me out of a pity party.

Number 7:
Biceps is a passionate man-especially when it comes to stage performance. So passionate, in fact, that he got scolded during a show for doing very naughty things.

Number 8:
My mother-in-law has a knack for searching out some of the coolest stores. She introduced us to a store called Victory’, and it changed our lives.

Number 9:
I like to focus on the beauty found in each town we visit. But, there is a seedy underbelly that from time to time humors me.

Number 10:
There is much more Woodstock, NY than hippies. Much more.
I have enjoyed sharing our year of touring with all of you, my dear readers. I hope that you have seen some places you are inspired to visit, and perhaps some that you will avoid…
Happy 2011 to all of you!

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Using Lightroom Presets

Once in awhile on tour, I have just a minute to edit a photo and publish it, or possibly be away from the internet for days. I typically don’t use presets in Lightroom, but they do come in handy in these instances.
Here are a few quick examples of what those presets can do.

This is the original photo.

I like to import most of my photos using the preset, ‘Strong Contrast’. It gives a punch to the color in the photo and offers deep blacks.

This preset, ‘Creative: Selenium Tone’, adds the retro black and white feel with sharp contrast and a hint of blue.

I love this preset, ‘Creative: Direct Positive’.
It’s a nod to high fashion photography: a yellow hue is added to green, both the color and the lighting is intensified, and it strikes a sharp contrast between blacks and whites.

Using the preset, ‘Creative: Aged Photo’, you can turn a modern photo into something reminiscent of the past, but with sharp detailing and deeper blacks.
I like to mess around with my presets-adding color filters or increasing exposure just to see what craziness I can come up with. It’s really fun to do with portraits.
I hope this inspires you to have fun in Lightroom when your time is short and you can’t get into an intense photoshop edit!

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Oh Cecilia, You’re Breakin’ my heart….

If you don’t know this song by Simon & Garfunkel…please click here.
Then come back here. Or else.
Well, Cecilia…you’ve done it again. You’ve broken another heart.

All I wanted were a few pictures of your magnificent landscaping, the sky blue pool, the uber private rooms, the sassy ‘member’s only’ lounge area….

I had no idea, Cecilia, that you were so exclusive and that even these shots that I had already captured were strictly ‘Verboten!’.

Yes, I felt the vibe from the yard crew as they gave me the stinkeye…but I had no idea, Cecilia, as to the reason why.

I was in love with you, my dear. From the cruiser rental bikes to the perfectly manicured lawn, you had captured my heart. And then, something horrible happened-something embarrassing.

As I snapped what would now be my very last photo of you, Cecilia, I was asked to leave…rather politely-but still-asked to leave, since we were not guests.
I turned fifteen shades of red.
Don’t worry my lovely Cecilia, when I am filthy rich and cruising through Texas once again, I will be back in your arms. And I will have forgiven you for shutting me out-for breakin’ my heart-because that is what true love is.

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A Naturally Cool Thing to Do

Smack dab in the middle of Austin is a gorgeous natural spring called Barton Springs, which runs through Zilker park. We were brought to this wonderful oasis by some good friends of ours while finishing up this last tour. It was refreshing, to say the least.

I had to be coaxed, prodded and bribed to wear a borrowed bikini in public. I decided to get into the water as quickly as possible. However, the water is frigid. Cold. Icy. Chilly. Polar.
It took me ten minutes just to get my ankles into the water.

The sun had begun to set, cooling off the air around us. I inched my legs further into the water. After about twenty minutes, my knees were in. I was so proud of myself. And then this little cutey pie came up behind me and plunged right in. It’s hard to have a four-year-old show you up.
I finally forced myself to get in up to my waistline. My teeth started chattering. Biceps told me that once I got all the way in, it wasn’t so bad. He has never lied to me before…but….
I decided to stay at the waist line level. Please don’t judge.

Our friend shelled out the $3 to get us into the ‘nicer side’ of Barton Springs-complete with a diving board. There is also a free side to Barton Springs, but that means no diving board, no life guards and no sitting area.
However, you can have your dogs frolic about on the free side, which is honestly pretty cute to watch. And this is coming from a cat-lady.
I recommend this ol swimmin’ hole if you are ever in the Austin area. You won’t be disappointed.

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