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My first sale!

So, as you know…I became a real estate agent recently. I stupidly took an online course (FYI-I do not learn well this way), studied my butt off for months and passed my state exam.

And then I made these.


I got some flack for the picture:
“It’s not normal.”
“It doesn’t have a boring brown backdrop with backlighting that makes my hair glow.”
I am not pretend popping my collar.
I don’t have a huge cheesy grin.
And, it’s the same one I use for my blog.

Guess what?! It’s me. In all my weird glory. And it seems to work for me.


This couple didn’t mind the picture on my biz card when it came to helping them buy their first house-granted this is my brother and sis-in-law.


Maybe they’re more forgiving of my weirdness than the average bear. They do have a lot of bear experience…


At any rate, my brother and his wife were determined to have me as their agent when they purchased their next home. They even waited on me to get my license and wanted to be my first sale!

I owe them big time. And, since they bought another fixer-upper, I’m sure they’ll find a way to allow me to repay them.

(Check out the last house they remodeled. It’s so cool, it was featured in the online magazine Prairie Hive.)

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