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Look what I got!

I have been pinching my pennies for a long time, hoping to upgrade into Photoshop CS3 or better. What I wasn’t expecting was for Biceps to come across Photoshop CS5 on craigslist last night.
The seller was asking $325 for the whole kit and caboodle.
Since it was after the witching hour, Biceps offered to go across town, while I stayed snuggled in my PJ’s.


He returned a few minutes later with this. Holy crap. It was really mine.
And, the best part-that savvy husband of mine negotiated the seller down to $300.


Everything was intact and working perfectly. I was more excited than a bear at a bee farm.


As I learn new tricks, I’ll be sharing them with you, dear readers. It’s going to be a fun journey.
But, instead of doing anything worthwhile with it today, I’ve mainly been playing.
And that’s why you are seeing even more of my weirdness. Hope you enjoy.

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