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The many sides of my Musician Hubby

The first time I saw Biceps, I thought there was no way in heaven that he would be the man for me.
As he performed, he dominated the stage and intimidated this little corporate girl to no end with his ‘tough guy’ side.
(You can read more about How I met my Hubby if you are bored one day.)

That’s him far left with his old band, Philmore. His uber serious side.

That’s him now lead singing for his new band. This is his intense side. Almost eight years have passed between this photo and the one above. During this time, I have learned all about the different sides to this man.

Like his banana-costume-wearing side.

His powerful and dare I say it–hot side?

His tender side. He’s loving on a puppy that has probably never felt love before in a barrio in Reynosa, Mexico.

Hello, Handsome Side.

Hello, Sweetheart Side.

Studmuffin Side.

Weirdo Side.

I love each of his different ‘sides’. But I do have a favorite side.
It’s the one that said, ‘I do’ to me almost ten years ago in a little chapel in front of our God, our family and our friends. I am thankful for this ‘side’ the most.

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