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Oh, How I love Thee Mr. Remodel…

Has your master bedroom ever looked like this?

The sad thing is, it took us a year and a half to get to this point.

Has your ‘breakfast nook’ ever looked like this?

Or your back porch ever have this problem?

Want another look from a different angle?

Have you had any part of your house torn down to the studs with your toilet sitting in the living room and you have to repeat these words to yourself every time you wake up,
“We made the right decision in buying this house.”?

Be happy! You have a friend in me! That is, if you want to be friends. I know what it means to have sheetrock dust in your lungs, “Great Stuff”, stuck to your fingers and the smell of mineral spirits constantly in the air. Hold your head up high.
You are a remodeler.
And someday, I promise you, YOU will be done.
Even though I am not.

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