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Tony Horton and P90x

“I love him, but I hate him.”

has never, ever, ever, ever heard of me. Never. Not once. Get the picture? However, if they knew the amount of free marketing I was giving them by telling all my friends about it, they might think twice about ‘ol Rebekah. They may even throw me a yoga mat or a ‘recovery drink’.
I love these workouts, and I’ll tell you why.

The workouts are well,…they’re just really hard.
And I love to workout. Always have. Makes me feel less guilty when I buy a box of Mike & Ike’s and eat them all in a single sitting as I watch ‘The Biggest Loser’.

And I would rather be doing this over P90x most mornings. But I force myself to wake up (actually Cowboy won’t let me sleep in once the alarm has gone off). I put in another grueling P90X DVD and listen to Tony telling me to do things I don’t want to do.

But I need to give you a bit of a disclaimer: Tony says some weird stuff sometimes. Things like this:
“That’s the gruntin’!”
“Nice muscles, dude.”
“The Makes snakin’ contact, elbow, thigh!” (no idea what he was trying to say here.)
“Oh, no! Tops are coming off!”
“Yummy, yummy, yummy!”
And the cronies in the videos with him add to the weirdness.

His favorite cronie, Dreya Webber, is that kid in class you want to punch. She actually gives Tony advice on how to make a move better. But Tony doesn’t mind and just flirts with her relentlessly, although I am pretty sure she’s a dude.
The flirting is kind’ve weird.
Yet, somehow you end up liking Dreya, too. But, that doesn’t stop the urge to still punch her.

Once you get into it, you really start to look forward to the next time Tony screams: “I know it burns! It’s supposed to burn!”

Ah. P90x. I love it, but I hate it.
My sick obsession.

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Now, I know it isn’t ‘hip’ to be into cats.

Only old, crazy ladies are into cats. Right? However, this dog obsessed generation hasn’t met ‘Cowboy the Cat’. Or witnessed some of his weird ways. I am convinced that if they had, they would love him just as much as I do. So, let me count his weird ways for you and you can judge for yourself.

Number One: This is Cowboy the Cat ‘relaxing’. I think the comfy couch would have been a better choice, but to each cat his own, I suppose.


Number Two: This is Cowboy the Cat’s position in order to lick his armpits. Very, very weird.
Number Three: We are so sad when we have to shave Cowboy the Cat, but we must. Simply put, he has too much fur ‘fer his own good.


Number Four: This is what Cowboy the Cat looks like after a nice, close shave. And we giggle. And our friends giggle. But The Cat now has so much less fur to maintain everyday. I believe it’s a real win-win for everyone involved.

 Number Five: I think this photo speaks for itself.


Number Six: As Cowboy the Cat watches a PBS special on hummingbirds, his furry little body sits unmoving for thirty minutes. And he is wearing a cape. I guess the cape is really my fault, if we’re getting technical. The list goes on, but we’ll stop for now.

My weird cat. I love him and his weird ways.

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Oh, How I love Thee Mr. Remodel…

Has your master bedroom ever looked like this?

The sad thing is, it took us a year and a half to get to this point.

Has your ‘breakfast nook’ ever looked like this?

Or your back porch ever have this problem?

Want another look from a different angle?

Have you had any part of your house torn down to the studs with your toilet sitting in the living room and you have to repeat these words to yourself every time you wake up,
“We made the right decision in buying this house.”?

Be happy! You have a friend in me! That is, if you want to be friends. I know what it means to have sheetrock dust in your lungs, “Great Stuff”, stuck to your fingers and the smell of mineral spirits constantly in the air. Hold your head up high.
You are a remodeler.
And someday, I promise you, YOU will be done.
Even though I am not.

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